Why is DNA located in our fingerprints?

Asked Dec 05, 2009
DNA is located in everything on your entire body. Do not be confused, your fingerprints are not DNA. But the skin that is in your fingers does have DNA. Literally every single solitary micron of your body contains DNA. The reason your finger tips contain DNA is because that's just what they're made of.
Answered Dec 05, 2009
your finger prints are unique to every1 one else's they are like DNA but they are totally different because they dont have a complex code. your finger print is taken as a child and the only thing it does is identify you.
Answered Dec 06, 2009
There is DNA in your finger print because whenever you move or touch something, dead skin cells containing your DNA come off. One of the reasons your finger prints are left in the first place is the dead skin cells being left behind.
Answered Jan 05, 2010
Well every cell of our body contains DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) that can be taken out from body fluids such as blood, semen and even fingerprints. The DNA present in fingerprints comes from skin cells shed, when we touch an external object, it adheres on them.

It can be obtained from various DNA fingerprint machine that are present on many sites like http://www.ilexmedical.com/products.php?id=103 .

However, DNA amount collected from a fingerprint will vary from person to person as there are factors like number of skin cells, sweats etc. affect their proportion in body.
Answered Dec 23, 2014

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