How do you put songs into my Xbox?

Asked Dec 03, 2009
Edited Dec 03, 2009

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The Xbox 360® music player is a feature of the Xbox Dashboard that manages your music listening from virtually any source, whether audio CD, MP3 or WMA music files (from CD, DVD, or Xbox 360 Hard Drive), or any number of connected devices, including portable audio players and even your PC.

Use the Xbox 360 Music Player
To listen to music from an audio CD, simply put a disc in your Xbox 360 console and playback will begin automatically. The following procedure outlines the process of selecting between different music sources and launching the Xbox 360 music player manually.

To listen to music using the Xbox 360 music player

From the Media area of the Xbox Dashboard, select Music.

Select the music source you want to listen to.

Your console remembers the last music source you chose. If you don't see the Source Selection screen, press X to see the list of sources.

Console: Select this option to view music files residing on your Xbox 360 Hard Drive or Memory Unit (if attached).
Current Disc: Select this option to begin playing a CD that's currently in the console's disc tray.
Portable Device: Select this option to listen to files from a connected portable device, whether a dedicated portable audio player or a USB storage device loaded with music files.
Computer: Select a connected PC. For more information, see Share Media from a PC with Xbox 360.

Sort and view your available music on the selected music source by one of the following criteria:
Albums: Displays available music alphabetically by album name.
Artists: Displays available music alphabetically by artist name.
Saved Playlists: Displays all available playlists, from playlists created on a connected PC or portable audio player to local playlists created using the Xbox 360 music player.
Songs: Displays available music alphabetically by song or file name.
Genres: Displays available music alphabetically by genre.
The music player's visualizer renders continuously modulating visual representations of a song, in real time.

Press X to view full-screen, full-color, high-definition visualizations (depending on your video connection) while you listen. Press Y to return to the Music Player screen.

Manage Playlists
Once you've selected a music source and music files to play—whether an album, a song, all music by a given artist, or an existing playlist—it's a cinch to load this music into the Xbox 360 music player.

To create a playlist in the Xbox 360 music player

Select the music source and album, artist, playlist, song, or genre that you want to hear.
Create a new playlist or add to an existing playlist. For example, if you chose an album, you would be given the following options:
Play Album: builds a playlist for the album you've selected.
Add to Current Playlist: appends the songs on your chosen album to an existing playlist (provided there is an existing playlist).

Follow the same procedure for any artist, genre, or merely a single song.

If you're adding songs to an existing playlist, selecting Play Album (song/artist/playlist/genre) will clear your existing playlist and create a new one composed exclusively of your current selection. Be sure to select Add to Current Playlist instead.

You can also edit and save playlists.

To edit or save a playlist using the Xbox 360 music player

Build a playlist using the procedure outlined above.
From the Music Player screen, select Edit or Save Playlist.
From the Edit Current Playlist screen, select:
The on-screen up arrow, down arrow, or delete (X) button to move songs around or remove them from the playlist.
Save Playlist to save this playlist for future use.
Clear All to clear the playlist and select entirely new music.
Done to make your changes to the sequence and return to the music player without saving the playlist to the hard drive.

If you select Save Playlist, you'll be asked to enter a name for your playlist. You can enter the playlist name using your controller and the on-screen virtual keyboard or use a USB keyboard plugged into one of the console's controller ports.

When you've finished entering the name, select Done to save the playlist to the hard drive and return to the music player. Your saved playlist will now be available from the Hard Drive screen.
Answered Dec 26, 2009
lol yea i really don't do that...
figment Dec 26, 2009
just bored
figment Dec 26, 2009
I don't put songs into your Xbox, you put songs onto your Xbox. You should ask, "How do I put songs onto my Xbox?" Also, do you have an Xbox, or an Xbox 360?
Answered Dec 18, 2009
just put a cd in and go to RIP and then ocupy yourself for a couple of minutes :D
Answered Sep 06, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Put a CD in and go to the music libary and go to the far right button itl say "RIP" then just w8 for a couple of minutes :D!
Answered Sep 16, 2010
Short and simple answer.....
Or just get a PS3 and not have all the problems.
Answered Mar 31, 2011

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