Would I survive with $32,000?

The average income for a paralegal is $32,000. Now lets look at all the things I will have to pay per year (might not be realistic, so please correct me)

Apartment=$1000 X 12 months = $12000
Electricity=$500 X 12 months = $6000
Water= $500 X 12 months = $6000
Car= $2000 a year
Gas for car= $60 X 12 months = $720
Food= $20 X weekly = 140>>>>>>> $140 X 12 months = $1680
Heating for winter= $500 X 4 months = $2000

All together is $30,400. Let us not forget the annual tax, a need for car insurance, and money for further education. So what am I to do? What happens if my income is only $25,000? (There are some paralegals who get paid very little)
Asked Dec 03, 2009
You need to pay $1000 for water and electricity? Do they that expensive?
KenjiM Dec 03, 2009
By the way, if you get a car you can always get a used car to make it cheaper. If you don't get a sports car insurance won't be so high. And where do you live? I'm in the mid west and 1BR - 2BR apartments run $400-$575 not $1000 that's insane.
lowlife Dec 14, 2009
ok,, lot of people say..is not how much you make ,but how much you spend,and other say.. you need it? or you wanted?..i would say that you would need a little more than that, if you want a 20,000 car, and insurance would be higher insurance and it will all depent on how much you would spend.i would say..
Answered Dec 03, 2009
Okay your heat, electric, and water should not cost that much monthly if it does that is ridiculous and you need to move. Electric for lets say a 1BR-2BR apartment would run around 100 a month or less if you use it wisely. Water will be nowhere near $500 a month my dear and your gas should MAYBE run you $60 a month. As a paralegal make 32k you should be fine. You need to evaluate what you spend in a realistic manner for really being able to decide. I know looking at the big numbers it seems you will never make it but when you get in the situation you learn to make it and you will.
Answered Dec 14, 2009

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