What is the difference between Carcinomas and Lymphomas?

I want the complete difference b/w carcinomas and lymphomas.
Asked Dec 03, 2009
Edited Dec 03, 2009

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Carcinoma is a form of cancer that develops in tissues covering or lining organs of the body, such as the skin, the uterus, the lung, or the breast. and Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system carries lymph fluid and white blood cells throughout body. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to fight infections.

Like all cancers, lymphoma happens when the body's cells grow out of control, often causing tumors to grow. Most lymphomas are made up of white blood cells called either T cells or B cells.

Lymphoma cells are sometimes found in the blood, but tend to form solid tumors in the lymph system or in organs. These tumors can often be felt as a painless lump or swollen gland almost anywhere in the body.
Answered Jun 04, 2010

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