How to open adobe file in art cut for plotter cutter

I have art cut pro version 6 to run my plotter cutter. I have now had adobe loaded onto my computer which is 1000 times better and faster. However when I try to transfer a file to art cut so that the cutter can use it, it gets very distorted and extra nodes [vectors] appear and shift things around. Does anyone out there know how to stop this.
Asked Dec 02, 2009
Edited Apr 01, 2010
I am also having trouble with loading Adobe Illustrator files into artcut. I have been saving my art as an EPS, and when I import it, the program completly shuts down. I have then tried to import the files as JPG & BMP's. They will open in Artcut, but I am unable to edit them at all - they will not cut either. They are also very distorted.
Can you let me know how you are getting your files to even open in Artcut so they can be edited/cut.
Is your cutter plotter cutting your artworks, even though they are distorted?
Thanks - I hope you can help me!!

Use Corel Draw then Export it to HPGL then inmport it from Artcut

Answered Apr 01, 2010
there's no HPGL format on corel draw to export
husnil Jun 15, 2014
use corel draw and install signtool 4 on your machine then config the usb then it will cut
Answered Jul 04, 2013
corel draw would be helpful or the new version of adobe. And for converting it this can help you further. [url]
Answered Dec 25, 2013
Edited Dec 25, 2013
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