I'm a girl and I think this other girl likes me. How do I know for sure?

Whenever I'm near her she seems to act really nice and stuff. And it seems like she is always flirting with me. She always rest her legs on mine. And it seems like she just finds excuses to touch me. I really like her myself but I don't know for sure if she like me. Give me an answer on what to do to find out. Thanks :)
Asked Nov 30, 2009
Edited Feb 20, 2011
we have the same situation!
ako1223 Jan 14, 2011
well if she likes you then tell her too fuck off and find her a new gurl too talk too then well here are some things I have too say here at my school there is this gurl who likes me and she really likes me alot and damm I don't like her not at alll :(
I like this new girl at my school, i've never really been 100% attracted to a girl, but she is amazing. beautiful, and I love the way she dresses. the vibes I get totally give me a different feeling from her, like more than a friend. we smile and say hi and talk.... I have no idea if she is straight or lesbian or bi though, cross your fingers that chanel is curious! cos I am too and I would love to be with her lol. i've never done anything sexual with a girl, I would fuck the hell out of babygirl!
Lol,but i'm in love with her and she is smoking hot and she told me she had feelings for me and she gave me her #.
I like this girl and I told her and we've grown closer. She was cool about it when I told her and I dorta want to talk about it again or bfring up the convo bc I think she may be bi curious..how do I do that without making it awkward?

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1s off i'm a bi girl. its kinda a long story, so i'll abriviate it a little, but here we go. I have a friend who I learned was bi about a month ago. a week after that I was playing t or d with some friends, and I ended up kissing that friend (for 10 sec) on a dare. it def turned me on. a couple days ago we were hanging out again, and she asked me out, I thought as a jk, so I said yes, but i'm not sure, cuz she called me her girlfriend for that day and 1 day after, but now treats me the same (we also held hands). I like her alot, but we're great friends and I don't wanna ruin that. i'm not sure how to bring this up with her, cuz we're really good friends and I don't wanna make anything awkward. jeez,that was long. so if u have anytype of advice at all of how to talk to her about this, it would be great

plz plz plz leave a comment
Answered Nov 11, 2010
k, well im sota bi 2, soooo ya (im a girl) I would just go up to her just be lik, listen I lik u alot and I think we should just be good friends lik we were. if she starts to get quiet or anything just say that u really care about her and stuff lik tht and ya just be kind and soft dont be lik rude or loud or mean just softly approch her and then just give it to her slowly and kindly.
ya I hope this helps..
i wish u luck
well im not bi but ur story interested me I think you should just tell her how you feel bout her and she will understand or feel the same way But say that you care about you guy's friendship to much to destroy it. =] I hope I helped.
elvira Mar 30, 2011
Well just pull her to da side n ask her to spend da night w/ u n tell her how u feel bout her. Just be like....... Hey I was kinda wondering will u
Consider going out w/ me even though were friends I really
Like u sooooo wish u great luck.

P.s. I'm new 2 dis site sooo just write me for any question
N yes if ur wondering I'm a lesbian
If she acting Normal again, id say maybe she is bi curious. A lot are, and woul like to experiment with people they trust.. She coud possibly feel something for you, but maybe nothing serious. Wait until this sit of thing happens again and question are in a jokey manner, "soooo hehe are u bi or something :p" I think she is bi curious cause to be honest a straight girl would not hold hands with a girl or like cal her a girlfriend unles she meant "girllfrienddd" how usually Americans put it like that lol. But next time it does happen, give that a try :)
See if she look at your body if so then tell her you would like to talk to her after school and then say I know this boy who really likes you if you tell me if you like me then I'll tell you who it is ok. If she asked like like you as a girlfriend or like a friend,
Answered Dec 01, 2009
O.M.G! That is soo gross.
What's gross about that?
i told this girl how ifelt about her and so she hated me for it now after a year i catch her looking at me a kind of stare. i dont know if she likes me or not because we were friends until i told her how i felt
Khill23 Jan 08, 2010
Uhhh Alexa STFU u have nothin to do with this and plus if u knew this was about lesbians why would u be readin about it?!?Cuz u know what I like this girl in my class But I like guys too and im a girl myslef So stfu
Why don't you try this......ASK her. You won't know until you ask.
Answered Dec 14, 2009
i thought about just asking honestly, but I don't want her to take it the wrong way. if she said she likes girls though i'd totally find a spot to makeout with her in. shes fucking amazing to look at.
first time lesbian if you will, and i'd be this girls girlfriend. im a lipstick lesbian I hope she wouldnt mind. I hope she'd be into it
soooomething gives me the feeling she is. or may be.
god damn.

chanel!!!!! you are so beautiful!!!
doooooo meeeeeeee.
NAUGHTY GIRL YOU ARE JUST LIKE ME!i love to play around with my gf.and if im single I like to play around wit girls I dont know.
well i dont know what this is suppose 2 do but if u really want 2 no then be like do u have any crushes if the person says no say oh really,ok then ignore 4 a while and ask later and explain if the person says yes say who and go from there please?
Answered Dec 18, 2009
i have that same question but i like her to but im not gay or bi im straight
Answered Dec 31, 2009
yes, me too i'm straight
ako1223 Jan 14, 2011
that's wat happens to me too but it's up to you.if it gets too far then you decide.as i said is you that you like her too but my point is to talk to her and see how does she describe you and in what way.
Answered Jan 05, 2010
i say you should become best friends with this girl , get to know her let her get to know you but as you are doing that give hints like for example move a strand of hair out of her face, or or swipe something off her mouth make lots of eye contact when you speak.if she doesnt know you exist then bump into her say sorry then walk away. say hi then work your way up from there
Answered Jan 08, 2010
i shall totally do this!!!!!!! :) workin my way up. sexy mama will be the first vajayjay I eat out. yummy
Mmmmmmmmmm I'll injoy it
:D I`m in a really similar situation right now^-^ I reckon It`s really hard to be direct sometimes (like other people have said, like make lots of eye contact and actually ask if they have a crush). I guess it depends if you`re shy or not. But yeah, what InnocentMisery is kinda true you know. You won`t know till you ask...

But say you don`t wanna ask straight out..then...

I guess I`d recommend starting to do things really slowly, like little by little. Eg if you find opportunities to talk, take them, and talk about really general stuff and make sure you SMILE a lot. I reckon ppl open up a lot more when u smile (sometimes even when they`re in a bad mood!!)

Naturally the more opportunities you have to see this person the better, so don`t forget to take that into account too:D Try and become friends first, to build trust, and then take it from there...^-^

Last of all I should say, don`t be afraid of rejection, or if things don`t go well. Actually , don`t even think about that at all. Totally block it out of your mind. Just believe. No matter what happens, it happens.
I liked someone, and I never told them directly, but i kinda gave them really, really subtle hints. Then i kinda figured out they weren`t on the same wavelength. Sure it wasn`t the greatest feeling in the world, but the time when I liked them sure was.

So yeah, bottom line, just try things out slowly, and see how they go:D
Good luck~
Answered Jan 20, 2010
Yeah I'm in the same situation but the problem is my girl bestfriend that I'm fallin for doesn't know I'm bi she thinks I'm straigh....I've also asked her if she ever had special feelings for me nd age said yes....I just don't know how to tell her I was thinking about just kissing her when were talkin alone.....should i do that????
Answered Feb 02, 2010
No... dont tell her maybe ask her 4 a sleepover and ask her wat she meant by 'special feelings' if she says sumthing other than "as a good friend" tell her u have a crush on her if she says she does 2 kiss her softly on the lips
kkkaty Aug 20, 2010
don't kiss her.she will freak out, if she liked you like that I don't think she would like that.i think you should date her be for you kiss her, CRUST ME I KNOW.

killoer Sep 26, 2010
envite them over.
Answered Feb 06, 2010
Edited Feb 06, 2010
She maybe admires you ...Are you more beautiful than her ?
Answered Feb 07, 2010
You're just going to have to ask. I literally just told this girl that I liked her and am currently waiting for a response. It is positively nerve racking! Just do it, if she stops being your friend or acts weird around you, that is her deal, but you can't get over her until you just spill the beans and tell her. Good luck!
Answered Mar 24, 2010
I've strarted crushing on a girl in my homeroom and she doesn't know. She's also friends with my ex girlfriend.
Answered May 11, 2010
Fascinating, is there a point to this? It's not an answer to the question, so it should have been posted as a comment. Thanks.
If you were me I would start siting out with her with out your x-girlfriend and get go friends with her then ask her to the moves if she ask you it is like a date gust say no (mack a move if the time feel's right).:)
killoer Sep 26, 2010
I am having the same problem! I've known this girl for about a year now and she is really gorgeous! She has big brown eyes, curly hair but not too curly, and she has a great body and great style. I found out I was bi like 7 months ago, and ever since I found that out and discovered that about myself, she has been acting different towards me. Like I was just with her a couple nights ago and she always wants to sit next to me... especially at the movies, and she will like look into my eyes really weird and shit and she will move her leg onto mine like it's an accident. I really like this girl, and I def know by the way she is acting that she is bi and likes me too, but I think she is too shy to ask me if I like her. Should I ask her? I mean I don't want to startle her and be like HEY DO YOU LIKE ME? haha I just don't know. I don't want it to be awkward either. Yah know? So I know what you are going through but I also need help! soooo HELP! lol
Answered May 23, 2010
go 2 the movies like a romantic comedy and meet hands in the popcorn and then say "i sorta like u. do u like me back?" if she says yes look into her eyes then kiss her on the cheek
kkkaty Aug 20, 2010
Nxt time at the movies, if She puts her leg on yours smile a little and touch her hand to see how she reacts.. Do not kiss kissing is to much , leave that to her if she feel comfortable enough :p
well look i'm going through the same thing right now I like my bestfriend but she doesn't now that i'm bi and well a friend us ours told me that she kinda thinks that I might be bi and I totally freaked out when he told me this I was so mad I guess because I didn't want her to find out! but sometimes I think she might be bi too like this one time she stayed over at my house an so did her sister so her sister went to sleep first and it was just me and her we were laying down next to eachother and like our faces were so close together that when we talked our lips would literally touch and well we kind of ended up making out and after that she acted so weird so I went up to her and told what the hell was her problem and she said she was sorry for over reacting and we moved on but like last year in december she and her sister stayed the night again and this time we were laying down together (very close) and I pretended to be asleep when I feel her hand touching my face and she was playing with my ear and rubbing it and then she grabbed my arm and put it over her body so like we were basically spooning I guess and then things started to get more physical like her putting her leg over me and she kinda made me horny so I started just rubbing her thigh and over places but it was over her clothes and well I could tell that she was liking it but she's striaght I mean it like why didnt she pull me away or like tell me to stop??
Answered May 27, 2010
next time have a sleepover alone and make out wen ur done whisper I love u then go back 4 more a couple days later offer to buy her ice cream and talk about the sleepover over icecream hope it work out!
kkkaty Aug 20, 2010
I like a girl but dont know if she likes me, I always catch her staring at me and she touches me and stands close to me, I can't really make convisation with her because I get too nervous so I guess I'm kinda in the same shoes.
Answered Jun 26, 2010
i feel inlove with a muslim woman online but she doesnt know I am female
wasnt planned was all fun in beginning now we are crazy for eachother :( and I am affraid if I tell her witch I have tried many many times too she will hate me
i tried to tell her many times b4 and she would say if you are female please dont tell can anyone help she lives in jeruselum and I in us
kaleb Jul 20, 2010
I think I like a muslim too but I never liked a girl before and I think shes lesbian
im a male and I no a boy that likes me and I got rid of him easly so I figer that a boy is the same as a girl to get rid of her and that is ture so send me an Email and ill help you at jameslen@mts.net

Answered Jul 25, 2010
Boys and girls are not the same.
Kal1234 Feb 20, 2015
what if you like her and she wont tell you that she likes me.all her frends said that they will be creped out that she likes a nuther girls and they have a bi freand??what do I do???? :(
Answered Sep 16, 2010
what if one of my best friends like me more then a friend.what do I do and I don't now I like her the same way.WHAT DO I DO, HELP ME PLIZ?????!!!!!!!!!!! :[
killoer Sep 17, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Comfront here and tell her how you feel if you dont want to say it in Public why not tell her on MSN or E-Mail her (maybe bebo, facebook and skype?)

Hope things get better for you.!
Answered Sep 17, 2010
thanks.. :)
killoer Oct 04, 2010
I've got the same thing going on too. My friend the way she looks at me and when she hugs me it gives me butterflies. Like I'm straight but for some reason something about her makes me like think about her all the time and plus I sit next to her in class and sometimes she leans her head on my shoulder and I just want it to stay there. Idk it's really confusing but weird...
Answered Sep 23, 2010
that is what my friend dose to. do you think it's weard that she grabs my leg a lot when she wont to ask me something. it stord when she kissed me on the check. she chrise to hold me hand all the time.
killoer Sep 26, 2010
ive kinda got the same problem going on...im straight, ive always dated guys...but recently I feel that I like this girl. ive only known her for like 8 months and I met her in a class. shes pretty flirty with me. she holds my hand alot, asks me to play with her hair, writes our names on paper with hearts. she calls me names like loser and stupid and stuff but shes just joking around. she says I beautiful and that she loves me...im really confused and dont know what to do. she told me that shes never had a boyfriend before bcuz guys are jerks to her...and I dont know if its just her personality or if shes flirting with me and trying to give me hints? I would always get nervous when I went to that class. she sat right behind me and we always talked. she would grab my hand for some reason and I would really like it and not want her to let go. ive had dreams about her as well...im not sure if that means anything. but she recently left for college and I dont see her anymore. I dont even talk to her, I want to but I never do because im trying to stay away and let this feeling go away. but its not going away...i cant stop thinking about her...i just dont know what to do. should I talk to her? tell her how I feel? or just leave the situation alone? PLEASE help.
Answered Sep 30, 2010
I have never been in a relationship with anyone in my whole life but from what you just said ,I would diffently try even though I get nervous and I am shy alot .but really do you want to risk never know if she really liked you to , do you really what to keep asking what if .
mks Nov 05, 2010
omg I no . im a girl and on facebook like 5 mins ago a girl asked me out so scary
Answered Nov 08, 2010
im in same problem! this girl I met her in freshmen year, she said she have bf in her country..they were going out since they were young and I told her I have ex bf after that I learn my lesson. anyway so I used to married her just for fun.. like almost a year. for some reason one day I changed to single. which really make her wonder stuff, the next day she want to talk to me more usual, hug me, cheek kiss me which she never really do that with me. so I tried next step.. I changed my relationship status to " in relationship" two days later.. she changed status to relationship.. then on the same day she changed it back to single and hide it.. one day later she changed it back to relationship then hide it. so on that day she went on aim I told her the truth. she said her boyfriend is still the same guy. so I realize she didnt want to lose me but why me? so yesterday I went somewhere with her at night around 7 pm. I was talking about some getto people say "dead ass" instead of saying "seriously" so like she laugh so loud.. it wasnt even that funny.. then when we go home she asked me " what do we looked like?" I was like " um... friends?" she stopped asking me that n laid her head on my shoulder. wat do u think?
Answered Nov 11, 2010
wow.. same problem. I met this girl a few months ago in summer. she was so fun to be with and funny. next time we met up for some anime convention in a hotel. she kept hugging me and dragging me around with her. I layed down on the floor flat and she sat on me. I wasn't thinking of it at the time, but we played a game online after that. she radomly asked me if I was straight. I told her I was bi. she kept asking me if I was REALLY sure, cuz some people say they are, but aren't.
I told one of my friends when I realized I liked her. and he decided to tell her. he asked her if she liked me, she kinda avoided the questions.
We met up again at the mall then for a sleepover. and she was hugging me even more and leaning on my shoulder. we played t or d and she wasn't very hesitant on kissing my cheek. I noticed at the corner of my eye that she kept staring at me too. but I think I messed up cuz I didn't hug her back out of all those times. she even grabbed my arm and put it around her, but I let go cuz I was so shy.
I'm going to see how she reacts when I hug her back next time. then if things seem to be going somewhere.. I'll ask her what she feels. because after her knowing I like her.. and her hugging me even more, I hope she likes me.. if not then that's just mean x3
then if things turn out tha she might like me.. I'll get enough courage to ask her out.
dunno if that would help out ur situation O:
Answered Dec 01, 2010
she asked me for like three time if I were straight... idk if im straight.. I maybe have a crush on her, at the same time I dont want her to like me back..

i thought about it..one day she put her arms around me.. I felt weird.. I felt like I dont want her to close with me.... but then I like her for a years and half.. it's so weird.. am I straight or bi.. well of course I do like boys I flirt with them a lot.. the most girl I flirt with is her..
samie Dec 26, 2010
well, I think that if you ever have feelings that you shouldn't ignore them. you should feel free to love whoever you wish.

I wasn't so sure about myself a long time ago and tried to convince myself not to like this other girl, but then I started liking someone else and decided to just accept it.

I can understand liking someone, but yet not wanting to like them, or hoping they wont like you back so you wont really have to worry about it/it will go away.

you don't have to label yourself as bi,straight or anything. you can just go with whatever until you feel you know for sure what you feel is true and not worry so much about it for now. ^-^
though, I could say it sounds like your bi, but maybe just a little shy about it?
thank you very much. now im okay.. I loved her. and I still like her.
i just wants to be her friend and I dont want any more than that. I know why am I like this now. when I was in 7th grade, I have a HUGE HUGE crush on this boy. he was always kind to me and gave me whatever I wanted. I thought that boy liked me, so I was hoping that he'll ask me one day but then it's opposite. he liked my VERY close friend. he asked her out in front of me. I was very hurt VERY hurt. I act like I wasnt hurt. I cried everyday in the bathroom, and at night. everyday I had to do this fake smile. One day my close friend and i, realized that he just wanted to be "girls man". so we both planned to ditch him and we did.. I felt a lot better and closer with my friend. and started from that time I had a crush on that close friend.. but then I moved so I moved on.
samie Feb 20, 2011
im going through da same thing as all of u I thought I was da only one ! anyways ive only known this girl for like three quarters and like she just is like amazingly pretty .she has hazel eyes and her body is just wow . I think... okay im afaid I love her she knows I like her but im scaed to tell her I love her . she cool wit bi,lez,andtrans and gays ,so like shes completly alright with me likeing her but like I dnt know if I should tiell her I love her cause im afriad it will ruin our friend ship! wat should I do tell her or not.
Answered Feb 16, 2011
just be who you are and dont not blame yourself for that.
follow your guts. u'll never know wat might happen
samie Feb 20, 2011
show her your vagina, if she shows you hers, then its on like donkey kong....oh and message me if that happens....i have a new camera
Answered Feb 22, 2011
im having the same prob too..i knew this girl 4 years ago and she's my best friend and we are in the same class,she sits just in front of me...almost every day she likes to turn her head over and look into my eyes and say:i love u.besides she likes leaning on my shoulder(others like to lean on mine too so its quite normal for me),holding my hand and even said she wants me to rape her(in front of other friends) =.=
but the most confuse part is,after she did those she'll laugh,that's y im not sure whether she's serious about it or joking..at first i've no feeling for her but since a few months ago,im kinda like having a crush with her,that really freaks me out..sometimes I even have the urge to kiss her..it feels weird to have thought like that..i guess im a bi and I scared to tell others,since people'll look at u as u r an alien if u said that in my country.and she told me she;s straight but I doubt about that since she called me her ex-gf today but I never was her gf before..im lost now... D:
Answered Mar 04, 2011
yeahh so like im going thru that same thing I actually found out that this girl was bi a few weeks ago I dont really talk too her like that on a personal level but we alk often and give each other hugs I also like this other girl tha I knew for a few years she flirts with me alot and I ask if shes bi and she denys it but I think shes lying but I really like her so I dont know whtbdo should I just ask if she likes me?
I'm bi and ive dated girls b4, I love the feeling you get when u r kissing your girl. There is this one girl at my school who I have a crush on, she doesnt know im bi and she says she is straight. She keeps sayng that she loves me and she even has a pet name for me. She hugs me and always looks at my boobs. SHE IS SO SEXY WHAT SHOULD I DO?!??!??!??! Everytime I see her I just want to fuck her right then and there. SOMEBODY PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE GIVE ME SOM ADVICE!!!!!!
I think ask her for a sleep over and you could start there, meaning fuck her I guess....
same situation here.. she even rests her head in my lap and I don't know what to do when she does that. I just don't mind it 'cause i'm afraid she might get mad.
Answered Apr 14, 2011
hahhaahha that is so normal im bi for real I have made out wit girls and truely girlys dont be afriad to ask her if she likes u or not.if she does then date her god damn people its so fun.daeing girls when ur a girl.
heyyyy people im keke and im bi hahaha and im fucking proud to be bi too.look the thing is that u just ask her if she is date her.im going through the same thing but gess what my best friend is bi too we arent dating but we are really close.she actually going to high school to be with me shes 14 and I am too.shes fucking hot....im not afriad to say so either;].
Answered May 04, 2011
Im a girl and I act like a guy all my friends tell me that dont forget my voice is deep to.I believe this girl likes me because she allways smiles at me,hugs me,and it seems that shes flirting with me sometimes.Shes my best friend and shes confusing and I do admit I have a crush on her but were complete opposites.
Answered Jun 14, 2011

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