What is twisted stomach

this is found in labordor dogs
Asked Nov 29, 2009

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In a dog a stomach twisting is due to eating to fast and not digesting it properly, you need to take your dog to the vets asap, unlike horses the doctor has to go in and try to untwist the stomach. I worked at a vet hospital and saw a case just like it and thank god that the owner brought the dog in asap. However once the stomach twist unless you monitor food intake and water intake it could happen again. But if you haven't taken your dog to the vet please do so, it is very very painful for them.
Answered Mar 07, 2010
a nematode, Haemonchus contortus, parasitic in the stomach.
Answered Dec 13, 2009
Twisted stomaches occur mostly in horses when they have colic. A horse cannot burp so with the discomfort they will lay down and roll causing the stomach to twist because of the size of the animal. They must be kept upright and walked, sometimes for a very long time, and administered moneral oil through a tubt inserted by a veterinarian, causing the animal to have a bowel movement. A twisted stomach in a horse can be fatel.
Answered Feb 27, 2010

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