Timing belt

how to put on/ check timing belt on 95 honda accord
Asked Nov 27, 2009
when putting on a timing belt it is not just put on I think you would be best getting a garage to do tht if u have the timing belt there theyll propably only charge u 50 quid to get it put on and u know it is done probar if u do it urself the belt will only last about 10000 miles when if a garage does it it will last about 80000
Answered Jun 28, 2012
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Answered Sep 22, 2016
Check your owner's manual for the recommended mileage for replacing your timing belt. Locate the timing belt and examine it for breaks, damage, fraying, worn spots or looseness.Inspect the belt for cracked or missing teeth that may be the result of foreign material collecting between them.Determine if the timing belt damage is on both sides. Single-side damage may be caused by the timing belt's guide.

Put in the timing belt tensioner lockbolt, the balancer belt pulley, adjuster lever and the adjusting nut and bolt and the tensioner springs.Secure the tensioner and balancer at their full deflection.Line up the crankshaft timing pointer with the flywheel and the camshaft pulley so the word "UP" is at the top and the edge marks line up with the head's surfaces.Place the timing belt over the pulleys and tensioners. Rotate the crankshaft to the left until the cam pulley has traveled three teeth. Line up the timing belt marks and hook up the balancer belt drive sprocket to the crankshaft. Next line up the front and rear balancer pulleys with the oil pump's body.Mount the balancer belt. Check that all engine alignment marks are accurate. Rotate the crankshaft one complete turn and secure. Release the bolt locking the tensioner.Insert the bottom timing belt cover.Place a new seal surrounding the adjusting nut. Reconnect the negative battery cable and any other disconnected parts or items. Start the engine and look for leaks.

Source: http://techprotools.blogspot.com/
Answered Sep 21, 2017

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