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i want to invest in a company named financerz world golden gate ltd wich claims can give u at least 8% profit each month
can i trust them
do they pla y a game with our money or not
please help me
Asked Nov 25, 2009
COLUMELLA NIGERIA is a specialized Haulage services Company formed to carry
out transport requirement to a specialized market throughout Nigeria and West
COLUMELLA NIGERIA is well positioned and committed to offer qualitative
Haulage and Logistics services. We take pride in our excellent human and
material resources as well as technology-driven expertise, which enable us to
deliver customized service as well as simplified logistics solutions

In accordance to the recent increase in demand of our numerous clients and
the poor conditions of the three vehicles in our fleet, we are currently planning
to acquire vehicles and expand our services to meet the demand and
expectation of our numerous customers to the highest degree. In this view, we
seek investors to add/purchase the following vehicles with their respective
prices to our existing resources:

VEHICLE TRUCK.. (8TON) (COST $14,000)..... RETURNS INVESTMENT($800per month)
VEHICLE TRUCK... (10TON) (COST $20,000)..... RETURNS INVESTMENT ($1350 per Month)
VEHICLE TRUCK.. (20TON) (COST $26,670)..... RETURNS INVESTMENT($2000 per Month)
VEHICLE TRAILER...(30TON) (COST $43,350)....... RETURNS INVESTMENT($3,350 per Month

We invest in market research and product development to continually improve
the service and procure follow-on vehicles. Follow-on will be introduced into the
demanding markets before existing vehicles enter the declining stage of their
life cycles.


Looking at the high returns on the business, you cannot but invest to earn as
much as 50 -60% annually.

Secondly, it is a kind of business that cannot be overtaken by the occurrence of
time, as there must be production, consumption, importation and exportation;
then there shall always be transportation.

Thirdly, the burden of managing your portfolio is lifted up from your shoulder;
while you rest, we do our best to give you the edge by:
1. Paying the driver and motor boy salary
2. Fuelling the vehicle
3. Renewing the vehicle documents when due
4. Maintaining and servicing the vehicle regularly

Within the span of one and half year at most, your investment is realized, while
your capital is still intact.

Please do contact us for more information and we would be glad to do business with you.

we currently have our site been re-developed and upgraded.

call us on:


[email protected]

Thank you very much

Williams Okebugwu
Answered Dec 12, 2009

Gold, the most precious metal of all, is also a popular form of investment. There is a one organisation India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd which provides its members with new updates and trends in Jewellery as well as Bullion Industry. For more details http://ibja.in/
Answered Jan 29, 2014
I'm raising 10k on gofundme to create a community of investors in which each investors profits from the profits the company makes.

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Answered Nov 26, 2016

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