Chances of an American getting into Queen's/UofT/McGill?

I am an American student who is applying to University of Toronto/McGill/Queen's. I have a GPA around 3.8, I'm 11th in my class of over 500, and I have a ton of activities, jobs, and I volunteer a lot. I'm not very good at standardized tests... I got:

SAT~1700 (taking them over in December)
Spanish with Listening: 540
Math I: 630

Do I have a chance despite my bad standardized testing? I really want to go to these schools.
Asked Nov 25, 2009
Yes, you do. But you need to speed up probably in standardized tests.

There are some multiple choice tests in Canadian universities but as far as I know its mostly essay and short answer question midterms and finals.

Also, a lot depends on your application essay. If you've got the grades and the right attitude you'll be accepted. And most important, I don't think Canadian universities even look for ACT, SAT scores. You may want to check their requirements (maybe they do for American students) to be sure.

Answered Nov 29, 2009
The person above me is wrong about the SATs.
Mcgill definitely looks at your standardized testing scores. If you look through their website, it gives you all the minimal SAT/SAT II to enter into their undergraduate program. You will need to take a minimum of 2 SAT IIs depending on which major you want to pursue.
Answered Jan 07, 2010

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