How do you teach your horse to bow?

i'm in a drill team and at the end, all the horses bow...but i don't know how to teach it.
Asked Nov 25, 2009
Edited Nov 25, 2009
Here are two videos on YouTube about training a horse to bow:
Answered Nov 25, 2009
That's animal abuse.
Answered Nov 28, 2009
katie Dec 16, 2009
When an entertainer is trained to bow at the end of a performance is that people abuse? Abuse is mistreatment that causes pain or injures an animal. Teaching a horse to bow is no different than teaching your dog to sit.
Rob Aug 02, 2010
That comment came from someone who knows NOTHING about horses, possibly animals in general. Horses bowing is close to painless, even if they are ill behaved and any type of scare, spook, or GOD FORBID pain is inflicted. When people teach horses to bow, they make sure the horse is well-trained to obey people, not act out, and they make sure nothing can spook them. It is a completely SAFE environment.
seriously how is that this katie muskera????
Answered Aug 02, 2010
i'd start with using baby carrots to encourage your horse to lower his head to the ground. if you want him to move his foot out and really bow, just stretch the carrot a little further. only give it to him if he bows, not if he just walks forward to take it, and if you want to use a word-command, say "bow" only when he does the action you're looking for. remember, it's going to take a lot of practice!
Answered Feb 09, 2011

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