Suicide without hurting others?

Is there a way to kill yourself without leaving people devastated?
Asked Nov 23, 2009
ok I know this was posted a year ago but I have something to say to this one. I don't think there is a way to kill yourself without hurting anyone. BUT I DO think there is a way to do it that will cause them to feel LESS pain. and even that does help. to do that you can kill yourself in a way where you won't suffer. and by that I mean do it quickly not slowly. don't make the death process painful for you. the less pain you feel the more better they will feel.
BUT know this: they will still feel some pain no matter what because the people who love you don't want to lose you!!! PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!!!
My therapist says that the people who love me will be so distressed. Some how I don't believe it. Right now I am not a total human being any way. There is no life left in me - just a shell walking around taking up space and causing pain to the one's I love while I am still alive. Maybe suicide and kill two birds with one stone.
SoSad Apr 11, 2013
hi just so u know I think everyone has thots of taking their own life at one time or another.. it's what we do w/ those thots ...?ive been in 2 fatal car accidents and feel survivors guilt ( I lost a baby then yrs later a boyfriend) a lot but I live for my 2 girls n anyway life can always be worse.. if u need a friend to talk to and share with u can email me at [email protected]
SoSad - I feel like that. You posted so long ago. I am in a terrible place too but I am horrible.
Spicey Jul 17, 2014
It's 2:52am May 4,2016 I am sitting in the dark sacred of what I will do to myself. My husband is asleep in the other room and he's a wonderful husband gives me anything and everything I want, but I'm dead. I've been dead for over a year now and I am alive because of him. I don't wanna hurt him, but I hate waking up. I hate that I can't just stop breathing. Everything is dead to me, I hate people, I hate food, I hate water, and most of all I hate the medicine that keeps me alive. I want this life to end and the Misery that comes with it. I'm alone 10-12 hours a day sometimes more, no one visits me, and could care if I eat...there's nothing that is worth staying for.......
Please get some help. Some therapy or a school counselor, or SOMETHING. Because it really destroys a lot of lives when a person commits suicide. It is not a solution to anything. My cousin committed suicide two years ago. It wrecked his family, and worse, his friends. No one wants to lose you, even if your mom said something terrible out of anger, it would destroy her to lose you.

Answered Dec 28, 2009
So people must carry on suffering with depression, because of the ones we leave behind grieving. So either way people suffer; who are you to say who suffers?
I agree completely, and it's not always just depression alone, physical ailments as said it perfectly who's to say who should suffer? Why should someone have to live a life in complete devastation and misery just so others don't suffer the loss of them, yet in reality those others are actually already suffering from either watching &/or dealing with the suffering of that exact same person who's suffering to stay alive for them! Those others are already grieving the loss of the person they once knew... So essentially choosing to stay alive so you don't hurt others ends up hurting EVERYONE & everyone suffers!!
So again...who's to say who should/shouldn't suffer and when it's ok or not ok to end that person's suffering by someone else's hands or by their own hands?
no way you will leave devastation also i believe if you take your life you will have to come back .i had 2 friends die by suicide both beautiful kind women one by shotgun one by hanging over 10 years ago i can' t forget them and just the other night i dreamt of one of them.i can only imagine how the families cope even after all these years.don't give up.
Answered Nov 25, 2009
But if they had passed by another reason you would still be as sad.
loopyma Sep 15, 2013
If youre considering it, people around you are already devastated to the point where it is making you feel suicidal.
Answered Nov 28, 2009
Please see a doctor who can refer you to a mental health care professional. I know if you're thinking of suicide there seems to be nothing at all worth living for, but you need some help. Please please find it, for your sake and the sake of those around you.
Answered Dec 13, 2009
what if youve already done that and it still hasnt helped? what if youve tried everything and nothing has worked?
3Li Jul 13, 2012
look , ive talked to people who have attempted to kill themsleves and have failed, and they said that the failure was the best thing that happened because a friend of mine was tired of life being the same routine and he just couldnt take it, he attempted to hang himself but the rope snapped. a year after he went out for a walk and met a women who to this day is happily married to him and he is a very happy man now. the point is you never know what may come in the future, you could win a billion dollars tomorrow, who the fuck knows, just look its a selfish thing to do and a completly stupid thing. Id know because i am the friend. i am not a believer in god or organized religion, that didnt help me, the thought of the future did. just dont waste your life, and ruin other peoples. but if you are 100% sure and stupid, try and make it look like an accident.
Answered Dec 28, 2009
Ok, so how do I make it look like an accident?
mpiceno Sep 08, 2012
Everyone here is telling you to see a doctor but let me tell you you are not crazy there are many people who are very much like you and the anwser to you r question is no there are people who love and care about you and you may want to talk to them about being depressed because friends are the best people to talk to when you dont know where else to turn, and you never know they mightr secretly feel the same so support them and they will support you.
Answered Jul 03, 2010
but I dont have friends in my class, plus my friends, I dont feel very welcome when im around them. what should I do? my parents I feel that im so wrong. its like it was an accident that I was born. I believe in God but I don't feel any goodness that happens to my life. although I know that ill still suffer when im already dead....since I can watch *him* be with other girls and not me....even if I dont want to. =((
im on here because I too want to commit suicide I have dealt with mental illness since I was a kid and I am now 33 and a mother but even loving my daughters as much as I do and never wanting to hurt them I still just want peace I feel like a failure my dad passed 6 years ago and my mama is terminally il with cancer my husband doesnt love me anymore and im currently on methadone due to yuears of addiction my bipolar makes me awkward and confused and I feel like such a waste but reading your message really touched my heart I hope you are still alive and have gotten peace in your life
It is what it is....If your going to kill yourself I don't think you would be asking for advice...! I was a bad drug addict and wanted nothing more to end my life. When your at that point in your life where you don't have anything left to give, The last thing you want is advice from pple you don't even know!!!! Who am I to tell you what to do!!! All's I no is...Shit or get off the pot, cause nobody wants to hear your bullshit sob story!! I can tell you that Life does get better...Really, it does.
Answered Aug 24, 2010
What you say here is very important and true, it is hard and often agonising to be a human being, with all our bravado many of us are sensitive people who have needs deep down which are difficult to understand and get met. I have had suicidal thoughts for several years and am only now getting proper help because I realised how much anguish my death would cause others, for me it seemed like the most rational solution to my suffering. However, I know life doesn't stand still, when u feel suicidal it seems like that's the only moment that exists and must be acted on, but things change, we have to hang on, take action where possible and watch our future unfold. I'm not preaching, probably telling myself as much
as changes, ask for help and see what happens, I was pleasantly surprised. Kathy
I don't know if you are going to read this-- or who is going to read this. Chances are, somebody will.

I have come across your post because I have the same question. I also need to get out of here-- to die-- without more pain to myself and to those around me. But I don't think it is possible to not cause more pain in this act.

This was posted a long time ago; I wonder if you are still around? I hope so. I really hope so. And I hope that you sometimes still check back here.

I don't have any answers to give here. All I know is that you must be in a lot of pain. I know that I am. It's like wearing a mask all day that hides the screams inside-- so other people aren't bothered. But all the while, there is a slow death killing you, eating like a cancer that nobody can see.

I've read over a lot of these other comments-- some of them are cynical, within which I see a hidden despair that is too afraid to face itself, that is running from itself. But you are not running away-- I think you are reaching out for help. You are in pain, and you asked a serious question. I think you are reaching out for help because there is a part of you and me that is still alive. There is a part that wants to die and a part that wants to live.

The question is always there: do I stay or do I go?

But that is not a selfish question, and suicide is not a selfish action. It is not selfish to hurt, to ache, to be lonely, empty, hopeless. You are not choosing to be in pain. It is not selfish.

So what to do-- I don't know. I think it is important to take a minute and wait. Tell yourself that you will give yourself a day, a week, a month. Take it moment by moment, one thing at a time. Focus on each task as if it is the only thing you are doing. You don't have to do more than that. And these thoughts will probably be there-- they will probably come and go. But that is OK. You are taking a time out for yourself.

But within this time that you are taking out, I think it is really important to find somebody to talk to-- somebody who is compassionate and who you can trust. I don't know how old you are but you could look online for therapists in your city or go to your doctor or call up a local church, synagogue or other faith community and tell them you need somebody to talk to. That's a place to start. If I don't know anything else, I do know that compassionate, caring, and competent people do exist who want to help you and who would want you to tell them about your pain and desperation. Sometimes it is hard to find them, but they are out there.

Maybe that's a start.

One thing at a time. Your burden is terribly heavy. It needs to be shared with somebody else.

Take care
Answered Jan 16, 2011
im sorry but I like ur advice but I cant just do one thing at a time since I go to school im 14 y/o as of now and so im busy with school and how the hell do I get to do this. I dont have privacy at home nor in school. theres no place where I can just sit there and think of something very deep coz wherever I go there are people who distract or disturb me. I hope theres a place like this in my country or at least in the world(im from philippines). please help.
i dont think suicide is selfish we are all put here to be there for each other what is selfish is that a human being should get this lonely how can people ignore and not care when they know or see someone that just needs a smile a hug a word of encouragement I have attempted suicide when I was a teen as a young woman and now at 33 im in that deep whole again I deal with mental illness and had had a real shitty life with alot of loss but I know if just one person even a stranger stopped and treated me like I was worth something I could maybe see light at the end of the tunnel people so quickly put down people with depression and how does that help but put the gun in there mouth for them some die to hurt others to give them that last fuck you for hurting them and some die just to stop the pain when you physically hurt pain meds are provided so why cant people stop emotional pain
Most of these are asshole answers. Do any of you morons think a suicidal person wants to hear a bunch of BS about how "selfish" they are, or how the magic wizard in the sky put them on this worthless planet "for a reason?" Their life has no meaning, nobody's does, quit lying to everyone.

This kind of thing makes me sick because someone asks a perfectly legitimate question, and gets 1 answer that isn't a load of bullshit.
Answered Mar 23, 2011
I completely agree with this answer. I have been searching on the net on how to make suicide look accidental (I know either way will cause a little pain to family, but I also know if they knew it was a suicide and not 'accidental' then they would blame themselves, and I can't have that. Point being, so many people ask this question, but so many dick heads have responded the same way- "you're selfish" "you're seeking attention". Obvious comments from people that have never felt like they are decaying from the inside. I say, answer the question, or if you don't like the question, shut the fuck up and move on. Nice answers from "utukkuxul" and "ekaterina" well, the first half of ekaterinas comment anyway.
I agree with U & the above post, if U have never felt alone, lonely...whatever ya want to call it, I have been so depressed this past 2 -3 yrs, the pain is unbearable. I dont want to hurt my daughter, even though she is aadult now, wish I could just die in my sleep & end it all.
Suec Mar 10, 2012
I google this subject endlessly and am so tiresome of the "Oh, dont do it, life is worth living", blah, blah, blah ad nauseum. If I wanted help I would go to the "dont commit suicide" pages for fucks sake. Its not one thing. Not one reason I want to die. No man, no job, "oh someone hurt my feelings" bullshit. The first time I tried to commit suicide I was 15 years old. There is but one reason I am not dead now. I have 3 young adult children. I know I will condemn their lives by my suicide. I am in fact "comdemmed to living."
annett May 15, 2012
Well put, annett. I feel "condemned' to living" most days, too. I know all the arguments everyone puts out there. But the only compelling thing that keeps me on the planet for now is the impact of my action on my two teenage children.
ophelia Jun 11, 2012
Anyone who has kids: you HAVE to stay in the game until they are 18 yrs old. I know how cold like can be, but just keep your brain fixed on getting them to 18 yrs old. I have a toddler who I love so much, and I'll be damned if she'll lose me before she turns 18. Shes well-adjusted and will be amazing, but I won't hinder her as far as not having a daddy. I lift weights every day, I take a medication, my wife makes good money. You have to fight for yourself in this world. Become a peaceful warrior and get your kids to 18 years old. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.
For those of you who are trying to talk this person into killing themselves, you guys need help too!! Shouldn't that be like accessory to murder or something?? If you don't feel like going on with your lives because your miserable, shouldn't you know how this person feels?? If so, why would you make them feel MORE miserable in swaying them into going through with this!? I don't get it?? I've been there myself! we ALL have, I believe. There is a time in everyone's life where they feel like ending it all... some for stupid reasons or some for "logical" reasons but I'm not about to sit here and say that it's EVER OK to KILL yourself... because it's not. I'm not gonna say it's selfish because I know that is never one's intention. But, it would hurt everyone around you. There is NO way to kill yourself and avoid the pain you will cause others. When I was 15, something happened in my life that devastated me to no end! I felt like I
couldn't go on. I JUST WANTED TO DIE!! I was in the girls bathroom at my school and was about to slit my wrists when I remembered what my mother use to tell me... "Wait till morning. a new day, a new beginning." That might sound cheesy and stupid to some people but for me, it saved my life. I waited, and everything got better (in time). Now, i'm not gonna say that those thoughts haven't crossed my mind since. But I haven't acted on them since. And I have a scar to remind me of what I almost lost! But, also to remind me of everything I have now! Even though this post is really old, I hope if anyone comes across it looking for answers that they see this and rethink what they are about to do... Something that can never be taken back and something that can be avoided! You can call this post BS or stupid or "fairytale talk" but I hope they ignore those posts because they are wrong. I've been there... I won't say I understand your pain because I don't know your situation or what you're going through... but I will tell you this... What happened to me when I was 15 I will live with for the rest of my life... but, I will LIVE!!! And THAT I can deal with... pain doesn't go away but it does subside... it dissipates and becomes just a memory... so for the record, 15-18 yo: lost my bf in a car crash, lost my bff to an OD, dad beat me and I gave birth to a still born... and NOW: 2 kids I would die for (to save them), a mom and lil sis who has never given up on me, and a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally... "fairytales"?? maybe but its all real to me!! I am a volunteer at a shelter for battered women and the boys and girls club and I have had a hand in changing lives... they thank me all the time for saving their lives but they really saved mine... my family and the people I volunteer for... they saved me, for without them, I wouldn't have a purpose... YES, PURPOSE!!! We all have a purpose... if we didn't, then why are we here?? And I hope all of you know there is always someone willing to be there for you... you just have to reach out a little bit... btw, I DO believe in God and Jesus, its ok if you don't but for those of you sarcastically quoting us saying that some magic wizard or whatever didn't put us all here, I'd like to know your view on it is because honestly, everything else seems like a mother-goose rhyme too... so quit bringing your ridiculous religious views into it, when people are hurting here, geesh!! So, please, please, please!!! "Wait till morning! New day, New beginning!" I feel like this IS my calling. Helping others FIND their purpose IS my purpose! I hope you are still here with us and I pray to God that you are happy... If you're not happy, I hope you will be one day... if you are no longer with us then I will pray for your family, because Lord knows they are hurting without you. And for everyone else.... learn for MY mistakes...
~GOD bless~ you will be in my heart :')
Answered Apr 13, 2012
Thank you
there is no God only Satan
Have any of you tried sleeping to take your mind off the suicidal thoughts? How about visualisation? Are you able to forget bad memories? I'm guessing no. When you wake up from sleep, your mind is refreshed. The thoughts of suicide only creep in again because you let them. Hope is what is needed here. Try proving to yourself that you can take life a minute at a time.
Answered Apr 21, 2012
I wish I could sleep!! No sleep just exhausted.
SoSad Apr 11, 2013
Are you for REAL ???????? Sleep does not refresh, it helps plot out ways to end it all. If you know nothing about the subject then shut the hec up. People like you, who have no idea and sprout off platitudes are what hurts and annoys suicidal people and SPURS them on..... NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MY PAIN and you make that true
loopyma Sep 15, 2013
WTF? If you have never had any experience with depression, don't try to give advice about it. Go to sleep? Seriously?! It might have escaped your notice, but those of us who ask this question in all seriousness are UNABLE to sleep. So we are searching for a way to sleep endlessly. Without causing too much harm to the ones we love.
The answer is absolutely NO. You're not a completely independent unit in this world. You have friends (at least one), relatives, classmates etc. If you choose to kill yourself, those people I mentioned will definitely get hurt.

To be alive is the most important thing in the entire world, which is something I deeply believe! It's also the foundation of everything.

Life means HOPE, if you're poor at this moment and you're alive, you will have a chance to be rich next year (maybe tomorrow, who knows? Life is a miracle, born to explore, that makes one's life interesting, isn't it?) Well, it's just an example, not for money. Everything is the same.

Understand the word "HOPE" deeply, think, I can tell you, if you have hope there's nothing to fear in this world. :o)
Answered Nov 24, 2009
No please don't do that:-( answer my question I've never been on this site before
Answered Jan 01, 2010
Kimmy, there's no need to request answers to your question in other posts.
I don't think there is. I have been struggling with this question too. I love my husband sooo much and do not want to leave him feeling like I do now. So, as hard as it is to everyday find a reason to stay alive, I just keep trying for my husband's sake. Good luck. Hang in there. Try to find a therapist and a doctor who can help with medication. hopefully.
Answered Jan 12, 2010
Suicide is a very selfish act.
You need help, and sometimes asking for help is a very hard thing to do. I lost my nephew to a car wreck that has left our whole family devistated. It happened December28, 2008, he was eighteen and was a wonderful person. If he could I'm sure he would like to change places with you. Life is not easy. God put each of us on this earth for a reason. We all have a job to do, so find out your purpose in life. Stay strong.
Answered Jan 24, 2010
if you suffered all your life and have spent years seeking help for your suffering and got absolutely nowhere with therapists, meds, procedures; at some point you will have exhausted all the avenues to resolve your problems. Why continue with things as they are and finally die of old age- living that whole life in misery. You may hurt people by committing suicide but ultimately must we suffer for years to keep somebody else happy? Whos being selfish? I think we should not have to be responsible for the rest of the world.
D23 Jun 01, 2011
D23, that is the best reply ever. I completely agree.
D23 and TripKitty. I fully agree. Of course people are devastated when a friend or family member dies but that happens. But the point is that if you want to die, how can you do it without adding the feeling of guilt or shame to the sorrow. I wish I knew. I am 72 and I don´t want any more. Life has been good and bad. My adult children all live abroad. Most of my money vanished in the crack. Why should I go on and on "to keep someone happy"?
woman Jun 19, 2013
yeah if you had a dollar to be able to take a day off, so you cant pay your 1400 dollar a month auto insurance, your 2000 dollars a month in back taxes, along with of course your 2000 a month of now taxes and dont forget about your debt consolidation bill now that your credit is fucked and you'll never get anywhere or anything again, but yeah I ll just swing by the shelter and pour some soup before I drive my ass off a cliff in my 1400 dollar a month insured vehicle, hope the family gets something for that fuckin price...oh yeah that was only public liability insurance it was supposed to be 2000 a month for insurance that would insure me...what a world...just disappear...thats the best way..fuck it all
Answered Jul 24, 2010
I feel u man I'm just tired of life myself. I just wanna die, only thing is my sister n dad. I know they really care, my mom just has a way if giving me suicidal thoughts..
iDsean Aug 03, 2013
the 4-letter word for all would-be suicides: WAIT.

and I find myself just wishing that my life would cease..

Although I like Guilherme's post about "just disappearing," I don't know if being "missing" makes it easier for the friends and family who survive you.

Probably the best way to go would be to stage it so it looked like a freak accident--of course the catch here is that you really don't want to implicate someone else in this-- by that I mean you wouldn't want to traumatize some poor driver you pick to accidentally run you over, anymore than you'd want to fall off a ledge in front of some innocent bystander who would be similarly traumatized.
I've thought of just leaving the gas on in my apartment, just a little, so it looks like an accident... also, it is supposedly a painless way to go... just make sure someone finds you in time so they can harvest your organs for transplant--that would be a nice way to leave on a generous note...

It's probably hard to pull off but if your friends/family thought you had some terrible disease or were in great pain, then your suicide accompanied with an explanatory note might make it easier for all...

I'm still here, despite all i've written. but

Answered Jun 18, 2011
All previous comments are very nice and full of "hope"... And bullshit.

When one feels suicidal, and therefore depressed for sure, the is very little anybody can do.

Who is going to correct any harm I have caused to my loved one? Who is going to get her to at leas be able to interact objectively with me? Who is going to put in heart to see me in a neutral way so there is at least a chance of getting back together.

The proper question should be: how do I kill myself without it looking as a suicide? To which questions do not apply any of the bullshit about it not being the answer, or that our loved ones are going to suffer. Supposedly they are going to suffer even if it ruled a natural death.

So, how the fuck can I do it and make it look as a natural death?

And who is to restore my relationships with my children and relatives?
Yes , I know... Myself some friends.

Well, you know what? Those an other suggestions are full of shit.

Many of us have thought or are thinking of ending our life because it plainly sucks in so many ways.

For example, my wife left me recently, not foer an infidelity or anything like that; but for something even worse. I stopped giving her the attention and loving tender care she did deserve; you know, I stopped doing the little things that are so essential to keeping the fire of love in a marriage; plain and simple I fucked up, big time. To the point that the last time we made love, let me correct that, we had sex it ceased to be making love because although she enjoyed she was not comfortable being with me, it was not the same as always", and that was when she knew she could no longer be with me. I have to add here that it had been a few weeks that she had started going out on her own (no, not because she was seeing someone else; she plainly did not want to be around me). You have no idea how ashamed and low that made me feel, like scum, because it meant that she no longer felt good, secure, at peace, around me.

And let me tell you, she is the type of woman every man dreams to have as a life partner.

And THAT makes me feel lower than cow manure, that because I stopped doing the things that made her fall in love with me she stopped loving me and now I have lost the one that filled my life with love, joy, happiness, peace, security and energy. Even worse, there seems to be no way to redeem myself and win her love again.

So, now I just feel empty, a failure as a man and as a human being, hopeless, insecure, not knowing what the fuck to do for the first time in my 51 years of life. Ah yes, and full of debts I have not being able to pay since the construction industry tumbled.

And you know what? I HAVE NO MORE ENERGY to keep on fighting, to keep on living. The thought of what is yet to come -financial catastrophe, lonely life, the mere possibility of seeing her in the arms of another man- lead me to the one logical conclusion: get the fuck out of this life.

Let's reason about what that would entail. First, those that I have hurt (children, wife, other relatives, and some fiends) will not have to deal with my be anymore; My children, who will not suffer too much, will be better off financially because although not that much, each would collect $200,000; I will no longer worry about my wife and she will certainly be able to move forward, with total freedom and without my presence anywhere near her life, she will not have to "worry" about my well being due to our separation and she will be able to establish a new relationship with a man that will be able to love and care for her as she deserves in all aspects, both sentimentally and financially. And last, but not least, I will no longer suffer or have to struggle living a life I don't give a shit about!

Negatives aspects:... well, NONE!

I have not done it, yet, because I have not found the way to kill myself in such manner that will will not case any shadow upon my children or my father's name.

BUT, if and when I find it, I will definitively kill myself without further thoughts because I believe IS the logical thing to do.
Answered Dec 28, 2011
Well said.nif you are still there, I am in the same position as you. My beautiful wife ha left me and I am alone. There is no point in saying it will all get better. It won't.
Bioman Mar 31, 2012
I understand what you are saying. I am a woman who left her husband for another man. I fell madly in love with someone who subsequently was diagnosed with Cancer and died. My life is now total shit. I have a grown son who only talks to me when he wants something. I lost my job in 2008 and was unemployed before I found temp work. Worked for 2 years as a temp before being hired by the company and after 2 years of dedication they still dont appreciate my work. I miss my boyfriend everyday and he has been dead almost 3 years now. I have nothing left. I have no friends, no prospects, and dread getting out of bed in the morning. I just want to die.
I am in the same situation itdoesntmatter. My wife of thirteen years found someone else and left me 2 weeks ago. We had it all, a beautiful 6 year old daughter, good jobs and financial stability, a nice house in a great neighborhood. Now it's all gone. All but the pain and I can't go on anymore.
tony: you still have a 6 yr old daughter, and she needs you to keep yourself together. shes your beacon, get her to 18 yrs old, thats all. thats your lifes work.
I read Itdoesntmatter's letter and I could have sworn I had typed it myself. I have fucked things up so badly for my wife (we have no kids together), that she just recently said to me that she is disappointed and embarrassed by me, that she is ashamed to be seen around me. If I find that way, the same way he is looking, I too will be taking that. I cant bear to see her face looking at me without any love or thoughts other than shame. I will be gone, but she will be able to hold her head up again and she WILL be taken care of and no longer be burdened with my bad life choices and debts. I only hope that I can find that way sooner, rather than later so that I dont have to drag her along this life any longer than is necessary.
A challenge to all. An example: most people care too much what people think...e.g. You wouldnt dream about walking in your public city during the day naked..but you would if no one was left on earth. I see it that you are rock bottom, there can not be much lower. So I think you may all agree if you didn't feel the way you did then you wouldn't want to die, right? So I see your sorrow as being a REAL human, of real emotion and not a robot like many people are. May be you have always felt different or alone to some extent. Well back to my comment of if you were not feeling so low you may not what to since you are in the REAL club, keep going do things more real....I believe for all including myself, your life has just began, and look at this as a sweet card being you want to die, let's say you look into a crystal ball and you do it in let's say a week. So now why not do what 99.9% of people would love to do but can' totally free!!!! Do what ever, run naked in the main city, kiss a stranger, shout at someone in the street, tell your loved one in a public place everything you wish you could tell them but think it's too late...what ever it may be...attempt to rob a bank, you could do anything and it wouldn't matter cause you don't give a damn your as good as dead in a week. But hey, now you start to do all these things, e.g. You tell that person who u hate what an ass they really are to there face. And then ask yourself do you feel a little happier, and then keep doing everything you could imagen you wouldn't have wanted to do if you were in a dream. Now at the end of the week when your going to die, you might just might, think actually I'm slight happier then I was a week ago. If this is true then keep going because you have uncovered the beginning of a new life..something most never experience until they have stared death in the face. You and I are a new beginning, don't waste true release which is what you are looking for, but through death is not the answer, it's the death of you miserable life and a start to new freedom, you now have potential to become whatever you want...and sure enough the reason why you want to die will no longer matter.

I challenge all of you to do this before you end the end rather than end the old you. I am doing this and I am starting to come back and feel like the rules of life don't apply anymore to me.

I challenge you to try...and tell me about the rush that brought you away from death!!!!
Answered Mar 04, 2012
It's not always about freeing oneself. For me, it's about non-existence. The absence of thought/feeling/consciousness and thereby the end of suffering.
I found this reply to eye opening. Just the thought of doing what I want has brought me some peace. I am excited to try this.
This is a good answer, and it might work - if you have things you always wanted to do... I remember working on a painting, thinking - just finish this one and then you can go, just finish this one. bribing myself with death. i'll give your method some credit - it proves useful for short periods of time.
sounds like a one way ticket to a psych ward
Dumb idea, will land u in prison.. I prefer death to prison
iDsean Aug 03, 2013
I am 55. I am loosing a grip on my world. Mental pain. Anguish. Pain. Suffering daily. No joy. No hope. If I feel anything, it's sadness. Lonliness in a crowded room, silence of the roaring engines in my mind...numbness. I can't escape the never ending tension that races through me...the anxienty that jumps in my throat and chokes me....I WISH IT WOULD CHOKE ME! Stop the pain. If this is what I have to look forward to after 55 yrs; if this is what I have to look forward to for ANOTHER 30 to 40 yrs.......YOU CAN HAVE IT! It is NOT worth it!

Don't drop the guilt load on me about my family, friends and loved ones missing me....... Yes, they will, and it will hurt for a season but it too will pass and I will be in a better place; a peaceful place. Isn't that worth considering? Is that selfish? Everyone is so quick to "talk" about my "well being" but are they REALLY concerned about my well being and peace of mind or are THEY being selfish? Is that not the question we should be asking here? I only want to be at peace...and I cannot find it in this world. It is too painful here.
Therefore I am seeking serious research involving how to make a suicide look like natural or accidental death. I do not live alone therefore I would need to be selective as to means and opportunity. I have a financial responsibility and if my death is determined suicide my insurance will not pay.
This is my delimma:
1. I want to do this right. I have screwed up enough things over the years (who wants to end up veggie) and I'm not into pain.
2. Don't want to involve anyone else. No partners in crime. No jumping in front of cars, etc.
3. Drugs/alcohol, gunshot/cutting are traceable at autopcy (not to mention the latter are painful).

This is a serious inquiry and I would appreciate ONLY serious responses.

Answered Mar 17, 2012
same as me im trying too get Dolexene (darvocet) the peacful pill to end it
I'm 31, I'm very tired and I have the same problem. I feel trapped in this life. I'm on my 3rd career, my health is not great, I've had health problems all my life, I haven't achieved any of the things I set out to achieve, I hate the way I look, and my dog died last month, we were very close, he was 9 years old and he was my child.

I know that if I took my life my mom and sister would be devastated. We have already lost 2 people in my immediate family (one was murdered, the other died in a car accident) and I feel that ending my own life would cause my family more pain, which I could avoid by staying alive. And yet I feel trapped because I don't want to be here and never did. I've wanted to die since I was about 4 years old, it's all I've ever wanted. Live only seems to get worse for me.

And by the way I'm not looking for attention. If you knew me in person, you would know that I hate being the center of attention and I shy away from people. Anyway, I guess I'm stuck here.
Answered Apr 02, 2012
why dont u try talking to your mom or sister? they might help just a little by letting you know that theyre there for u. even if theyre not, im sure they love you alot and hate seeing you like this.
3Li Jul 13, 2012
You are lucky to have a family to help you how bout you don't have anyone
i know what it feels like to be a cutter and it is not fun never start I cant stop o am only 10
Answered Apr 12, 2012
Interesting blog responses. I do actually have suicidal tendencies and I believe you do NOT. You're a young kid with the internet at your disposal. Come chill with me over coffee and let's compare woes. My biggest notion: you are not alone. DUDE, u would be surprised how NOT alone you actually are.
Answered Jun 15, 2012
I am not saying you should or shouldn't. I know I want to. I know the only reason I haven't is because I don't want to be viewed as a quitter or leave my 11and 10 year old I don't get to see or my 5 month old alone without a father. Why does that matter to me? I am not completely sure. I know that not all the shit around me isn't my fault. However, I am well aware of the shit around me that is my fault. I don't know that we can't hurt those around us, but I do have my own thought to make it easier on those around me that have no ability to understand the feeling of a pit that seems to continuously grow within, or the massive hands that won't allow this6'2" 240 lbs man that is in descent shape from sitting up out of a chair. Relocate... why? Possibly everyone will be used to me being "gone" before I actually am gone. Hopefully this will take some of the sting out for them. Maybe something good will come out of my relocating and I will change my mind, but its unlikely.
Answered Aug 25, 2012
You might have a type of male "post-partum" depression (yes, it happens). I had the same thing. You need to get a god medication and lift weights. Become a peaceful warrior to get your kids to 18 yrs old. You have to fight for your life, and do it now. I know life can suck, but your kids deserve you to fight for yourself, right now, this minute. Do it !!!!
I meant "good medication".
What if you need to die to keep someone's secret safe?
Answered Oct 10, 2012
Dying would not keep someone's secret safe.
Homer Nov 01, 2012
36 year old, single guy, miserable as fuck.
I've had every chance in this life, PhD educated, had a great job, nice flat, pleasant enough girlfriend, all that about 5 years ago. Now I am entirely socially isolated (as in only my mother and sister will still occasionaly attempt to make contact), I moved country last year as a way to further distance myself to make the transition for them easier.

When I decided to kill myself about 3 years ago it seemed an entirely rational and a natural decision, not a great deal of thought or introspection was given to it. Now its getting closer my thoughts are all consumed about past regrets and failures, it's like my life flashing in front of my eyes but in an extended and depressing as fuck way. Emile Durkeims study seems to put me in the egoistic suicide bracket, basically he sais that 'as a man's bond to society relaxes, so does his bond to life'. That appears to be the case.

I've always been very anxious about people, (eg. the last time a random person who tried to engage me in conversation while in a starbucks, within 5 mins my shirt was drenched with sweat, face beaming red, hands wringing, heart palpitating....) I mean honestly, fuck that shit. I'm pretty sure I've never been at ease with anyone my entire life and its just too damn tiring. I won't even go into how scared I am standing in line at the supermarket.
Social phobia folowed by chronic loneliness seems a reasonable summation.

I'm going to use a tent and a charcoal grill, ala suicide hibatchi. I've told my mum I'm cycle touring round Europe. All my possesions are gone now and all I have is a bike and touring gear, I'm going to find a secluded spot to end it in some distant place. I've perhaps romanticized this part of it as I envisage a philosphical ending staring across mountains and seas listening to Eddie Vedders 'Into the Wild' soundtrack.
I'm not sure whether to leave identification on my body. It's possible it could look like an accident so the parents don't get the whole suicide/shame thing. Although, I'm probably just going to dump all ID and be a john doe in some far away place.

Answered Oct 14, 2012
I'm a Yank in Belgium, also suffering, but I cant give up. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. You need help.
Just wanted to say I actually thought about hiking in Europe just to find a great spot to go... You got any luck so far ?? cheers!
hey, eddiev,
if you're still around, I was planning on something similliar, but I need to work out my insurance policy first. I was planning go there in the summer, after I sort out my bureaucratic mess.
Please please don´t NOT leave an identification. I think the worst for family and friends is the uncertainty. Better to KNOW you are dead and beable to grief, rather than hoping, maybe for years that you will be found
woman Jun 19, 2013
If you want to die you should pick the forest in Japan.
I am 58 years old and there isn't a day that I can remember that I didn't wish I was dead. If there is a way I'd like to know too.
Answered Nov 02, 2012
Just wait until your 60 years old you'll get a lot of illness because your now towards on aging.
Look, if this person really wants to do this, why the fuck shouldnt he/she? would you rather them live their life suffering day by day? Its not a selfish thing to do, it would leave a lot of pain though behind on your family etc if they found out it was suicide! But, if it was to be an accident it wouldnt be half as bad as the suicide. And, as I am in the same boat as this person, I would like to help them and maybe see what they think to this. 'Acconite' is a natural plant that is very poisonous, it slows the heart rate down making it look like a heart attack. So I was thinking, find some acconite, go on a night out in town with some friends / work colleagues or whoever, slip some acconite in your drink and drink it. Worst outcome will be that they will examine your blood and find traces of acconite, but they wont be able to prove it was a suicide, anyone could have put it there! hope this helps because im considering it I just want to make sure its full proof!
Answered Nov 08, 2012
All he/she needs to do is choose a tallest building and jump! I'm planning to suffocate my self when I'm sleeping and I will stop breathing putting pillow in my face.
Please feel pity on those who are trying to commit suicide. They may have a valid reason to die but know two things the left behind loved ones and/or even if I agree that you might think to die but no ethical person in their mind should tell others to die no matter how bad the situation could be even I would agree with many things related to those folks trying to end their lives but ethically it is incorrect to say thay because that could be an ignorant encouragement to them. Please understand that they are the victim who musavy accept any condition out of their desires. It is a sensitive issue so we have to be careful and ethical about it just a little and also we need to throw assumption away for a while and not to judge.
Lots of people here leave their reason here as to why they would want to commit suicide, or how it makes them feel, or how miserable they are. Now don't get me wrong, I can't begin as to understand your pain, but that doesn't answer the question asked. Same goes for the people who are telling this person not to commit suicide: Who are you to tell them what to do and not to? In the end, when a person is depressed, the only one that can decide for them and help them is THEMSELVES. You make life what you want it to be, it all depends on your mentality.
As for my response to the question,

I don't believe there's a way to kill yourself without hurting anyone else in the process. Family, friends, people in your neighborhood will all be affected by suicide. Even if you make it look like an accident, people around you will still be affected.
But if you're really suffering that much, and you're in so much pain, your friends, your family, they should be able to understand if you commit suicide. I'm not trying to convince you to, I'm just trying to state both the pros and cons.
If you really decide to, then you must realize everything will end. Not just your sorrow and pain, but you'll also lose any chance at feeling happiness again. You'll leave the people around you shocked, maybe traumatized, and hurt, but you'll also teach them a valuable lesson: To value human life, and to be more aware of the suffering of people around them. In short, it would bring people together, and create closer bonds to, but with a price.

However, this is entirely what I believe. I'm still young, and many people might not want to take me seriously because of my age, because they believe I'm not able to understand such things, but there's a reason I looked up this question. I don't know if I helped, or if I offended anyone (I'm sorry if I did), but being able to put my thoughts into words is a bit of a relief for me. So thank you for asking the question, and sorry for being a hypocrite, cause I myself am drifting away from the answer.

Your life is your own, live it as you think is right!
Answered Nov 15, 2012
Because people are suffering like you do too and you ask a question to us your fellow suicidal fellow so we answers. Me I'm just tired of my life because I'm in pain 24/7 I have chronic disease and their is no cure and I want to end my suffering already.
"Being a quiter" that's why I don't give up smoking, because I'm not a quiter, (rolls eyes)
I posted this on another site earlier today,

"I understand where the OP is coming from, while not the same circumstance as he, I don't want to be here anymore, haven't for, well as long as I can remember. The way I look at those left behind, and this is my view, my rationale, people will be sad, yeah, that's a given, but I think it is selfish that they want you to not do something basically just for the reason so they can still have you around etc, what about the fact that you don't want to be around ? You have your reasons. I'm almost 50, I got a good job etc, but to me life is not really worth the pain, to me it's just not worth it, and if I could find a way that was acceptable, I may not be here now. Basically it's a fear of failing in the attempt, becoming a vegetable, a burden on your family etc. Then there is the actual doing, that would be hard, the moments before, you'd have to be pretty committed. But , and the reason I ended up here, is the not being found by anyone bit, how handy would it be if you shot yourself at home, and your mum or dad come in and found you, blood and body tissue everywhere, decaying, that's all a bit much, or dangling from a tree, no, to much to put on anyone, let alone your loved ones. And the comment up above somewhere ( sorry, didn't read all of them) about if your thinking, or willing to kill yourself you should be brave enough to do anything, well that's a load of BS, it's got nothing to do with bravery or fearing something, it;s not wanting to do something, in this case LIVE, just the same as if you don't want to eat chocolate ice cream, you don't, just differing degree. And all this chemical imbalance crap, not saying it isn't true, but it comes back to the simple fact, that we just would prefer not to be here, is the fact that I don't want chocolate ice cream a chemical imbalance ? Yeah I know holes can be picked, well aware of it, but everything now days has a name attached to it, a reason, it's all a load of BS. "Hey I'm sad, depressed because my family just all got killed in an horrific car accident" . . . ." Never mind son, your suffering from 'some million lettered word', here, take a pill and you'll be fine" He's got good reason to be that way, it's a natural feeling, or "chemical imbalance" if you will.

You like your life and want to be here ? fine, but don't come down on those who have a different experience than yours, or do you expect everyone to like and eat chocolate ice cream ? :) Not everyone is the same, not everyones experience is the same, if I could just push a button right now ad just vanish, I'd be out of here so fast your head would spin. But alas, it seems I must suffer on, because I haven't got the guts, or an acceptable method. Which brings me to . . .

I think the best way, or at least the best way I have come up with, and not being found is not guaranteed, but go somewhere a bit remote, and just starve to death, doesn't require going through that brutal, messy instant fix scenario, but depending on location, may give you the not being found part, or at least until your just bones scattered all over the place. But it does include a longer time, it's certainly not instant, but once, and if you got to the stage of being to weak to move, it's game over, just a matter of time. Leave letters to your loved ones explaining your feelings and desires, sure they will be sad, but they will get over it, the same as they would if you were killed in a car accident. Oh, and of course a message for anyone who may find you, or your remains, but if your just bones scattered around, it's not going to be so traumatic as blood and guts or a dangling corpse or the like, so they will be right. Still hard, but the best I have come across yet, but once you cross the summit, your home and hosed.

Then again, I'm still here, can't actually remember the last time I have actually wanted to be here, nor can I remember a time that I so didn't want to be here, yet here I am ? Oh the God thing, I believe in God, and all 'religions are different, and I don't mean to offend anyone, just the way I understand it' there's no literal burning in hell for ever and ever, what sort of merciful God would do that ? Yes I am aware of the arguments etc, this isn't a religious forum, so lets just leave it there, and suicide isn't necessarily a one way ticket to hell. God understands all, knows all, knows and understands your circumstances, motives and reasons, fair enough your showing a lack of faith by killing yourself, but lets just let him decide hey ? He knows the whole story.

Anyway, I'm interested in methods that are non brutal, and a good chance that no one will have to come across a brutal scene, most of all loved ones. That's where I am, and why I ended up here. Hope not to see you all again, or for much longer, but . . . . . . "

Answered Nov 28, 2012

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