What is computer?

give me detail
Asked Nov 21, 2009
computer is a name of relation with all computers
Answered Nov 21, 2009
you understand calculate and say computer : computer mean clearly automatic-fire like a gun, military area think that it is a good thing to educate civil whith a close or an open door...
Answered Nov 21, 2009
a machine used to compute. ha! ha!
Answered Dec 16, 2009
hi.....Every piece of software, from a simple word processor, such as Microsoft Notepad, to the most advanced image editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, is made by one or more computer programmers who use a programming language that tells a computer how to act. http://www.storeitoffsite.com/
Answered Jun 06, 2014
A computer is a machine that is able to take information (input),do some work on or make changes to the information, to make new information (output). Computers have existed for much of human history.
Answered Jun 16, 2015
Computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) in a particular form and of performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals.
Answered Jan 07, 2016
A computer is an device that accepts information and operates it for some result based on a program.
Answered Feb 26, 2016

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