Where can I download Playvix Player for free?

I have downloaded a movie which needs Playvix Player to run, so where can I get it for free.
Asked Nov 19, 2009
Edited Nov 23, 2009
The so called "Playvix Player" doesn't exist. It's a widely-known scam. The movie you downloaded actually contains nothing (even it looks big).
Answered Nov 23, 2009
for windows/
it is not the right question :
you want to read a movie "divx, xvid, etc..."but you cannot , why ?
to read (audio or video) you need only be able to, from owners of the films or the sings...
this commercial question is resolved : divx 7 (free)
: wmp 11 (free) + codecs (look for to add it)
: mp (classic or homecinema) (free)
works on whith ffdsshow
but take care, linux have another solutions (free) and another players...add codec you need from your package..
Answered Nov 20, 2009
my film says its a divx film but actually its a playvix one?
Answered Dec 18, 2009
No, DivX is real, just go to DivX.com and download their player. It's one of the best video formats in existence. If it says PlayVix, it's a scam, but DivX is not a scam.
harry potter also same problem this chapter
Answered Dec 29, 2009
please help me.I WANT to play 2012 but it says THIS VIDEO NEAD PLAYVIX TO WORK wat can i do please help me guys
Answered Jan 08, 2010
Thanks guys, was really thinking the same, generally for the genuine softwares, there is a free trial or demo, but with Playvix it was not. So i had some doubt and searched many blogs etc, its good i did not waste money in purchasing scams.
Answered Jan 15, 2010
go to megaupload.com/99234--purvil12c/03{companyplayvixmp-fullversionfree}jfkffld;l;'
and download it by using purvil12cdownloadmanager software which available at
Answered Mar 09, 2010
Playvix Player is a scam. Do not download this file, it is a virus.
i had downloaded Divx 8 for windows and still cant play it,asking PlayVix ,so it useless
play just commercial for PlayVix player
Answered Mar 23, 2010
*sigh* Why can't people listen? DivX is a great video codec, it's very high quality, great compression ratio, great compatibility. PlayVix is a SCAM! There's no such thing as PlayVix, it's just people trying to steal your credit card number. So no, DivX is not useless, just for playing commercials for PlayVix, if you got some actual DivX videos, you would see that it can provide beautiful quality videos for small file sizes (well, not small, but not terribly large either). The video you downloaded was just a commercial for PlayVix, and DivX had nothing to do with that.
fukk those playvix basterds son of bitches
Answered Jul 16, 2010
i don't no how to download play vix player please help me
Answered Jan 06, 2011
its true , there is no such players like "playvix" !
Answered Jan 13, 2011
if u download movie that requires playvix, u have to buy the playvix 1st to play ur movie... even it was avi file format, but its been locked... still no one have cracked this player. sorry for that, so next time just download divx movies...
Answered Dec 15, 2009
Anyone who reads this, please disregard it. PlayVix is just a scam, and by paying for it you are not only wasting your money, but there is no real PlayVix player. All you have done is given your credit card number to an unreliable source, and downloaded a virus.

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