This girl likes me (I think) and says she wants to hang out but when ever I ask her she avoids me.

So Ive known this girl who lives in another town (about 20min. away) for about 4 1/2 years and Ive always had a crush on her and I'm pretty sure she liked me too but of course we never really got to see each other very often.
Around late April we started talking a lot and she said that we should hang out once summer comes and she always seemed kind of flirtatious when we talked and it basically gave me a reason to get finally take drivers ed, get my license, get a car, job to pay for it, etc. In June she broke up with her boyfriend of 2-3 months and started talking to me a lot and told me that she liked me. I told her that I also liked her and that in a couple weeks I would get my car/license and we should hang out once I get I (I didn't ask her out because I really think you should only ask someone out in person). Before I got my license/car she said she had wanted to see this movie that i also wanted to see and i suggest we should go see it together, but she had plans with her friends to go see it. Then i finally got my license/car and told her about it and she didn't seem that interested and I kept suggesting we should hang out but she would say "yeah, but sorry have to go now. talk to you later". Basically for a little over a month she ignored me and nearly stopped talking to me.

Late August I managed to get a hold of her and talk to her for more than a min. and she was apologizing that she had been ignoring me and she felt horrible about it and asked me to forgive her. I forgave her and suggested we should get together sometime, this time hinting more that it should be a date. She got the hint said no sorry but id like to just be friends with you. so I was depressed and we didn't talk much or for very long after that (I hope she didn't expect me to instantly be friends with her again w/o any feelings for her) and it was always me who started the conversations. then I stopped and we didn't talk at all for a month.

At the start of November for the first time since before I got my car/license she started a conversation with me and we started talking a lot and on a Monday of last week she said we should hang out sometime of course I said yeah that would be great (something like that) I suggested that weekend but that was her last week of drivers ed, and she had auditions on Sunday (at the time she told me she had something to do on Sunday and she would surprise me with what it was on Sunday) but the next weekend she would like to. I talked to her on Tuesday and Wednesday but was unable to get a hold of her until the next Monday (and all through the weekend her status messages on AIM/Facebook/etc. were changing and it was then that I would try and get a hold of her, but she wouldn't reply.) She seemed cheerful as we talked and I congratulated her on her successful auditions but when I brought up us hanging out this weekend she said maybe she doesn't know if she has plans but if she didn't yes. I also asked her "you still want to hang out right" and she said of course she did. Tuesday the same thing that happened over the weekend happened and I was unable to talk to her. Today is Wednesday and again nothing from her.

I feel like the same thing is going to happen again (she acts like she likes me then before we can make plans to hang out she ignores me)
I am just wondering if anybody has any suggestions for what I should do, I really like this girl and I think she may still like me too and I would like to go out with her but she keeps avoiding me and I feel like she is just playing with my emotions. PLEASE HELP!

Thank you to anyone that leaves helpful comments =)
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Asked Nov 19, 2009
You now dude I am also in love.And what I know is that when she avoids you she wants you go and get her.
eli Nov 28, 2009
so untrue! This same thing almost exact happened. Met girl last year, asked to hand, had bf she said yes though then ignored 6 months , then friends than 6 weeks conversation day and night, asked me to hand avoided, i asked, avoided, asked out after saying goodnight 3 weeks in a row of AIM's all day , denied her feelings acted weird still won't admit and now e both hurt by each other still awkward near each other but she shows she likes me. Plus insecure and listens to friends who obviously dissaproved.
BTW I'm fucking in Love with her! it hurts so much. To the guy who wrote this:
i can't believe i found someone else sharing the same problem almost. she acts like nothing happened too. back to complimenting me right away too. she complimented me all the time.
LMAO......i dunno a girl who was my enemy earlier, suddenly became my friend when she came 2 know that i had a crush on her....btw she does the same things as above.....i really dont understand her :(
baluz Feb 02, 2010
but now im being to become sure she loves me too....but wats the reson of this behavior???
baluz Feb 02, 2010
hi you should no that girls are smart they try to take us guys down they wont to be on top and one of the ways are with love daunt let her hurt u like that even if she wont's you to come after her . just move on trust me guy girls will come to you soon
robin95 Jun 30, 2010
It is hard for a women to have a good friend. most of mine are guys. girls are just evil in there own way. Maybe she looks at you in a friend way only ,and when a guy thinks its more then that well it kind of reunions the friendship. just don't pressure her and don't act like it more then that . Bottom line .... girls want what they cant have !! So put on a show and move on ,and she'll realize what she really wants,and it might just be you.
Answered Nov 24, 2009
it is so hard to be friends with someone you want to kiss, good luck dude your a guy above us so if you get her youre the man!
Khill23 Jan 08, 2010
Sup. I'm a girl.... but Im in love with a boy. He ignores me too but lots of other boys love me. Anyway even though she ignores you, when you talk to her, even alittle bit, don't let her walk away without a full conversation. Also talk to her and tell her that you want to spend more time with her (even though you guys aere friends)
So talk to her... see what she says
Good Luck!
Answered Dec 02, 2009
also when you don't let her leave without a full conversation, don't like, grab her arm or... anything to be rough. Don't touch her. If she starts to leave just keep talking a little bit longer.
Just so you know (incase you didn't realize), if you have more to add to your post, you can edit your post instead of commenting on it. Just letting you know that you can edit your posts.
fuck same problem!
fjsj Mar 19, 2012
Omg, Same problem but she lives10 min away ok so she broke up with this jerk BF of hers. Then i known her for like ever. And ok so like 3 weeks ago She says love you to me. im like (**** YEAH) love you 2. Then she didnt text me or talk to me for like 1 week. Then TODAY my best bud told me that in his class with her he asked her if she loves me. according to my bud she was like yes.. i do. So then today i Q her about it adn she totally confessed on it witch made me smile and kinda emotion twirl me around.. And so we was talking then one thing led to another...And well the convo got a lil bit dirty (rolls eyes). Then it calmed down. But she tells ALL her friends BUT ME she has a BF im suspecting she thinks shes my GF but i never asked her LMAO! So anyways we will be talking then she will ignore me but when i literally call her friends to tell her i says hi she emdilty starts to text me and talk all night. point is when she ignores you she wants to make sure that if she wonders off your there for her to light her way out of the shadows.....So its like all my friends say shes got a BF but she dont tell me that so i dont think my friends know that its me or she says that and is waiting for me to mad up lolz. Also ive kissd her twice And both times we cuddled but shes always talking about how she has a BF to my friends but she says she wont tell them sooooooo i am so confused...Also Bro If you go to the friend zone you dont come outa it....TEll her into her face you love her and you cant take the pain of not being able to call her yourz. And this girl of mine im afraid that she just had mixed feelings about me and dosnt want to be my GF just a really good friend. She told her mom i was her speacial frined not BF just speacial friends.. so idk What to do but 2marrow im so going to skip school and walk my ass the 15 miles to her school and wait for her then ask her out......If she says no then idk..i know so much about her like i know whenb she shaves how she does it down to what underware she uses and of course fav band rapper colors Ect...And she knoiws the same for me....i love her with all my heart and if you love that girl with yours give it up for her..pumping full of love not blood but her you love her. also if she denieds you why dont you ignore her a bit she will soon relize if true. That she will relize That when she talks to you she feels good....
Answered Dec 10, 2009
These guys all have no idea what they're doin/talkin about. I've dated many women and I can tell you that when a girl likes you, she'll ALWAYS make time to talk to you and hang out with you no matter what. I can tell you the following things are very probable based on what you're tellin me:

A) She's not playin hard to get...she's just playin with you, either cause she doesn't wanna hurt your feelings by straight rejecting you, thus hoping these silly games will eventually get you the hint (which obvioiusly, you haven't got the hint) or she's just a weirdo/ crazy bitch who feeds off gettin attention from guys who don't have the BALLS to sweep her off her feet like a real man should. Regardless, she wouldn't be playin hard to get at this point in the game. You guys are WAY past that. You guys have known each other for a long time. My guess is if she's pretty, she gets hit on by guys all the time and probably is seein one or more of em.

B) You've acted like a wuss, not a man the entire time. That's a turnoff to women and exactly how you end up in the "friend zone". Girls are turned on by guys who are assertive, confident, NOT DESPERATE, and know how to lead the way through the entire courtship process.

So what do you do? Here's what you do:


B) When/if she does contact you, you tell her that you've started seein another girl and how much you like her and stuff. And everytime you talk to her, you bring up your "girlfriend" and how great she is.


You do the things mentioned above, and before you know it, SHE will be trying to meet up with YOU...and the funny part is, by the time she comes around, you'll actually have a LIFE and other girls in it, and you won't even care about her as much, and THEN ....YOU can start fucking with HER....

Step your game up playa, Good Luck!
Answered Jan 29, 2010
Edited Jan 29, 2010
this is really good advice but what do I do after I tried that and still dont hear from her, and I cant get her outa my head any advice
comment or e mail
[email protected]
Time my friend.

If you are "in love" with this girl like you claim or sound to be,
the only way to get over her is with time.

Go out.
Have a good time.

Everything this guy has said above is completely true.
I've been in this situation far too many times and I STILL have girls I have known for awhile come in contact with me, flirt, act like they want to hang out, and then flake out on me. oh well...tough shit.

you need to have confidence.
if you act like a bitch, you'll get treated like one.
this is your world, and she is just visiting it.

if you hold the power, you will keep the pussy.

(DISCLAIMER: To all the woman reading this, I love woman. Don't get me wrong. Not all girls are cut from the same cloth, and you do need to adjust accordingly)
man, you give really great advice. thanks a bunch!
huyouer Jun 10, 2010
This sounds like something my ex did and I actually liked him a lot....I just think the phone works both ways and he could call me too if talking was so important to him....
what if she is single? Is it possible that still likes me?? I mean she's the only one I want
Well mate you practically described my situation (down to a tea actually) although i would reccomend if you know any of her friends have a word with them see if she said anything about you (If not, give her a reason to me up with you) Persevere. Im still in a kind pickle on what to do as this girl is very complex but thats what im planning. My theory is mate when she craves attention you are a great option cause you listen to what she has to say and gets what she should be getting from a boyfriend from you (Attention). She may even be getting her feelings mixed up. I would straight up remind her of what she said and if it still stands. If it does ask if she would like to spend more time together - if not shrug it off and just carry on. Problem with my situation is that we used to meet up when she was with her boyfriend and split up with her boyfriend 3 days after telling me she liked me and feel this is a bit soon to me which is why i have not taken this course of action yet. But will when the time in right. Hope everything works out mate. Post a comment if you sort it im interested in knowing how it goes.
Good luck!
Answered Dec 03, 2009
yea, my situation as i described not a good idea
her friends are fucking evil, influence everything, she had to ask all of them if she should go out wit me....obviously they didn't.
also she broke up with her bf after she ignored me
she just wants to be friends...she ignores you when you push the limits of your friendship and then after a while she hopes you've moved on so she starts talking to you again. Don't play games and pretend to move on. That will just make a bigger mess and you'll get hurt. Move on for real.
Answered Dec 07, 2009
wow you're forcing it
man shes playin mind games tell her in person the YOU DONT NEED THE GAMES AND STOP ANROIN U U AINT GONA GET RESPECT IF U DONT TAKE IT i no i work with a group of teen that are goin though what your goin though good LUCK!!
Answered Dec 08, 2009
she does like you.
its blates oviouse.
you just have to go get herrr:-)
Answered Dec 18, 2009
You have hit the "Friend Zone". Stop talking to her for a week. Next time she talks to you ask her out, be direct. If she says no wait 2 weeks ask once more. If she says no again, you are in the eternal friend zone. The only known way out is to await her to be extremely drunk and hook up with you randomly. This will lead to awkwardness and eventually a breakup. Other than that find someone else.
Answered Dec 18, 2009
Ok i been thinking bout this and as my comment states above am in the same situation. Now reading these comments im feeling like everyone here maybe lacks some sound advice... Originality. Dont be afraid of a big gesture. Porbably all the boys have tried to get with this girl in the exact same way. Show her your different - show her that you can be maybe a bit of an idiot to make her laugh. If you know what she likes bring them into play. Use everything as ammunition. Films, tv shows, plays or whatever she likes. Show her you can do more than everyone else out there and its bound to work. I have a plan of my own though and will be executing it soon enough so we shall see how it goes and i will keep you updated!
P077Yo8 Dec 27, 2009
he he, eternal "friend zone" I love the terms!!
Just talk to her.. Ask her to hang out then if she says no ask her when yall can. Shes pronely avoiding you cause she likes you.
Answered Dec 27, 2009
Your trying to hard... The trick is to turn it on her don't talk to her or send her any messages for a while its hard but trust me be a dick. Girls want what they can't have. Good Luck
Answered Dec 27, 2009
Why yes This will really is ahrd but i said wth with i did this as i said And it worked ok i mean i wont text her for like 3 days then say "hi" next thing you know its like clock work right after isend it its 3....2.....1.....BING! "hey whats up how been i miss you why havent you been texting me? are you ok?..." but if you GO to her as in talking or texting via email w/e She will be like yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh this guy is really trying to get me hes in MY hands....." thats what they think i mtellin you guys...Notice how NO GIRLS will psot on this froum i wonder why....(ponders) they dont want us to know that LMAO <3 this girl so badly she tells EVERYONE she is dating someone but me she tells me its me but she wont tell anyone else ha!
i tried not talking to my girl, for a while, im 18 and we've been "together" for like a month, and everytime I ask her to hang she says shes busy. then I ask her if she really likes me and she says yea, and I tell her I rele like her, but then I go on facebook, or aim and try and talk to her and she doesnt answer, I need help anyone has any advice please comment on this, or e mail me, I cant play games with this girl anymore, I need to kno if she likes me or not
e mail [email protected]
Please don't post personal information (your email address).
The same thing is happening to me... I keep emailing her and she just ignores me... I am really in the same position as you. I love her and she loves me but i never asked her out. So, she lives in in Springfield and i have no way of asking her. She used to live in my house but she moved away, i should of told her when she was at my house but instead i told her on a text and we have no way of going out... You should tell her as soon as you can because if you don't tell her you might never have a chance to in the future, and you will be like me, not been able to go out with her...
Answered Dec 28, 2009
If it takes a girl to motivate you to get a job and a car, that's pretty messed up. Look out for #1 - yourself - and if this girl doesn't see a good thing when it's right in front of her, and she's playing stupid hot/cold/chase me type games, is that really somebody you want to be with?
Answered Jan 07, 2010
this I agree with. don't waste time on women like that. Focus on #1, and then eventually the right one will come. This is important especially if you're still obtaining your education. Love pretty much can wait. I found it harder for me to date while in college for many reasons. One of them was financially I wasn't always going to take her out to eat, we did other things, but some women in college just want a rich guy to treat her like a princess with limo service. Anyway avoid those types. Also avoid the ones that like to play games. If you ever hear someone tell you that you have to play games to get ahead in dating. Just know that person is full of it, and has no clue what they're talking about. You will find yourself not dating a lot of women by taking a mature route, but will have great relationships with the women you do get a chance to date.
kuzotz Oct 05, 2011
it is really not that complicated even though everyone makes its so. after reading these posts i feel your pain, and human nature is always on the fore front. we humans are survivalists, and creatures of habit, and we are selfish. if someone is "into someone' and likes them, it will just happended and you will know it. resitance, hesitation does not mean she wants to be pursued, she wants to be avoioded, she has feeling and deisres and needs like any human, so for all the agony of rejection, if it doesnt happend, Move on. love is too complicated to explain. but waiting years for someone is not a part of nature, its not healthy, and its absurd. so if you have made your intentions known and they dont respond soon enough, then they dont feel the same way or have the same need or attraction. if they did, us selfish humans would be making it happend. bottom line is, you told the person you are attracted, if they dont reply miove on, its really as simple as that.
Answered Jan 28, 2010
I'm a girl and it is obvious to me that she doesn't want to see you. Unfortunately she is too immature to just tell you the truth, which is annoying. I would stop communicating with her, and if she decides to contact you, then you should just try being friends for awhile, since she doesn't seem to know what she wants.
Answered Feb 05, 2010
I'm a guy, and to be honest if a girl does this to me. I've always found myself calling their BS out. It is important to do so seeing that a person cannot come up to you in a respectful manner, and tell you they're not very interested in dating you or don't have the same feelings. But to avoid and ignore because they don't want to be responsible to me is an insult, a direct insult because by doing so this person sees it as a nuisance to confront you. In a way it is making a claim that you are not equals. Some women I have told this to, other women I don't because I realize that some immature people will take out revenge if you call them out on their mistreatment of you.
kuzotz Oct 05, 2011
Great comment here, But one of the reasons a lot of women (especial
Highly attractive women)
Exhibit this kind of (please take the hint) kind of behaviour is because in the past when they have been more direct with their rejection immature guys have gone crazy or sought revenge on them. A man can really never fullynunderstand the bullshit a desirable woman goes through with boys pretending ro be men!!
zman Aug 23, 2014
Well i've been talking to a girl named ivy, It started one night on facebook i've known her since 6th grade i'm in 10th now we never talked she hated me. And then she was crying and started message me on facebook because no one else was on this happened for a week in a row she was having a bad week and i was there. It didn't bother me i don't like when girls are hurting. And we grew into liking eachother and we talked and we talked some more. And then she told me she liked me and we started flirting more. And then i told her i like her and it yet again increased. Then she would ask me some sexual things and i asked her. But when she was signaling me to ask her out i did. And she replied with I like you alot i think i love you but i like another guy and i don't think i can give all of myself to you right now so i accepted it and told her to go with the other guy. But he didn't want her and he got back with his ex She says she hasn't dated anyone in a year. Then 2 weeks later the dance came around and i asked her to it and she said yes but then she changed her plans to go with her brother like figure a friend of mine whos a senior and she close to alot of them and i asked her out again a few days later she said no no reaons just now i feel like i'm being used and i think i am opionis?
Answered Feb 07, 2010
hey man, im in a similar situation. I kissed her on the cheek, i told her i liked her after a few casual dates, she said she liked me and seemed really excited! but now she just wants to be friends, so if i were you i would either do one of two things (allthough dont get mad if these dont work)
1. tell her how you really feel, if you feel like a million bucks when you are with her and feel like poop when she doesnt pay attention or she is acting weird you most likely really do have feelings for her. but if your into her for her looks (nothing wrong with that!) then i would just drop her because she seems quite high matenince
2. you can also just let it be, if she keeps playin hard to get, it usually means she needs more time to decide or i hate to say it and ik how bad it hurts but she might not look at you as more than just a friend, remember im in the same situation so no worries.
good luck
Answered Feb 09, 2010
same with me I love my friend and I want to kiss her so bad she says she loves me as a friend she likes to hang out I told her I love her she says she dosen't love love me she loves me as a friend
Answered Mar 07, 2010
im a seven year old
onetimeguy, just so you know, if you have more to add to a post, you can edit your post, you don't have to post extra information as a comment.
your 7? you really shouldnt be throwing the love word around this early. I didnt tell a girl I loved her til I was like 17.
my girl goes to the same school as me and we talk every day, and I always ask to hang out and she always says she wants to but cant, and then I c her making plans with her friends to hang out after she promised next time she could hang we would, so im almost jealous of her friends, I kiss her every day but we arent even dating and I dont think we ever will if she wont hang out with me, ive tried the ignoring her trick and I just cant do it, ive had a crush on her the whole year and only the last month weve been "together" what do I do and how do I kno?
Answered Mar 24, 2010
girls like to test out how the guy will react to her and waits a while to see. If you wait just a little more maybe it will happen. If not, get it over with and go to her house and say ' hey I know you want to be friends but we need to act like it and go see a movie or something'
Answered Mar 25, 2010
Hey guys! Iam having the exact same problem!(and iam 16 by the way) It's unbelievable I chat online with a girl I know on facebook and I see her at summer and iam sure she likes me, cause when I ask about boyfriends etc she tells me that he has met one with brown hair and green eyes (like me) and a lot of such stuff that's like me. Then about a week ago when I said 'hi!' to her online she didnt answer and then it goes on to today!Ive been trying to make a conversesion with her but I cant tell if she's avoiding me cause she know's ill see her again at summer and I dont want it to be akward. Shishhh girls GO FIGURE! Ehhm now to the guy with the problem : ok dude there are 2 ways to do this : 1.) The Brave Way ( which I suggest and iam gonna do myself at summer):OPEN YOUR HEART TO HER(but if it doesnt work it'll hurt like hell): Tell her to meet up(and make her promise you that she will come) and tell her how you feel. Hope she understands. Ask her if she's having trouble or something cause she's been avoiding you but make sure you make it clear to her that you really really like her.Who knows? Maybe thats what she's been trying to make you to all this time. 2.)The Chicky Way(its pretty much what you've been doing so far and I dont suggest it!) : +IGNORE HER!: Try to make her jealous. It works on most girls. Or the worst could happen: think you are a jerk and dumb you for good. I just tryed to help. If you have any better idea use it. But I suggest the 1st way. :)
Answered Mar 31, 2010
hey you sound like a preety kool guy
Answered Mar 31, 2010
im having the same problem I started talking to this girl on im and my phone from when I meet her up the road. I really like her so I asked her if she wanted to meet up she said yea but anytime I asked her for a day she said she was busy. so like frixos said their it's best just to go for it. (it hurts way more being toyed with) so I just went for it told her how I feel about her. then she said the thing every boy does not wanna hear she said that I was a really dead on guy so sweat and nice to her but she is not sure if she like me as a freind or more than a freind. so I said maybe best if we stop talking then because im not sure what this will do to me. so we stopped talkin for a while and honestly that was the biggest mistake I made because it hurt like hell so I texted her back saying sorry I really like you and I would rather be freinds than not know you at all. so now we are freinds although I still like her more than that because we talk to each other about everything. so basicaly what im sayin is just tell her how you fell thats the best thing if shes says just to be mates go along with it keep talking to her but dont push into meeting you just be their for her when she needs you and maybe in the end she might realise that your the guy for her.
Answered Apr 01, 2010
Edited Apr 01, 2010
hahahahaha I cant believe this happens to so many people you exact story happend to me I really just ended up thinking shes bipolor or something but listen man forget about her I forgot about the girl that did this to me.... your carrying on something meaningless there are some girls out there likes yours and mine who just like to text guys cause it help their moral but she doesnt really like you I know its really hard to get a girl I dont know if its hard for you but I know I dont have the best of luck.. but listen there are so many girls on this earth and wasting your time on a girl that sent you a couple of text messages that gave you a boner is not worth it take my word for it delete her number and move on!!!!!
Answered Apr 09, 2010
Dude, Im not gonna lie, this is a really hard situation to be in. I am still in this situation. Here is some advice. 1) It may be hard, but she may just wanna be friends, so you just have to move on= or 2) If you truly believe this girl is really amazing and you cant let her go, tell her that you are content with just being friends. She will see maturity in you and she may rethink about just being friends, and that may convince her to take the extra step. dont push things and be patient. Girls don't like to be rushed.
Answered Apr 18, 2010
ya i'm kinda in that situation too. I have no idea why girls are so complicated... Why not make things simple and just be like hey I like u and go from there, I have no idea why girls make it harder than that, it's just fucking annoying, especially when your ridiculously nice to them and go out of ur way then they ignore u and blow u off... but then the next day they act like nothing happened and want to spend time with you...
Answered Apr 28, 2010
I've been in the same situation but not as bad as OP's experience. I'd thank all people on this site. You guys' suggestions are really helpful. I think I'd just move on
Answered Jun 10, 2010
How retarded are girls I was in this same situation with my best friend and it took about 4 months to get over her and now I've met this new girl I am crushing on and yeah same sheet different story she has bi-polar so this is normal behavior for her how can I be so unlucky with girls and seem to never be happy?
Answered Jun 14, 2010
wow, so many answers, all pretty much saying the same thing...what does that tell us? Girls are too complicated even for themselves! Girls always complain about 'the guys never saying how they feel', 'keeping us thinking' etc etc, but in reality, when push comes to shove it's

1) tell her how you feel early = I don't know you enough, sorry
2) get to know her first = your such a good friend, I don't want that to change

Believe it or not but guys have emotions too, so for us, who have to initiate conversation, balance out what we say, how we say it and how much we let you know - while thinking I dont want to come off too needy, I dont want to come off like i'm not interested, I need to keep her engaged - I need to make it all sound natural but...i have a crush on you and its hard to do anything but smile in a goofy way!!

wait...some guys can get passed this first mind field of obsticles and 'get that impossible balance right', then what? tell her the truth...wait...we have to do that too...isn't it obvious already...we talk to you, we spend time with you, you enjoy our company and we enjoy your we have to spell it out...ok...bite the bullet time...we guys have to do it because, we are guys and we have no feelings - if its a NO then thats alright because, we are above getting hurt, we guys are not human beings, we are robots - unlike girls who are too shy and emotional to even answer our questions fully and no, I dont mean 'yea', 'no', 'not sure - silence' do not count as full answers!

oh yeah, I haven't even mentioned the ones who act 'flakey', but then I forgot, girls think we guys should just 'know' because over the past 10,000 years the male population evolved where telepathic abilities became the norm...

girls...this is why we love you ;)
Answered Jun 14, 2010
three words ASK HER OUT
Answered Jun 22, 2010

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