How can i remove this virus in my N81 nokia cellphone?

when i am charging my cellphone it doesn't charge at all it just right big NOKIA in the screen and make on and off.Someone told me that it's a virus and i dont't know anything about a virus in the cellphone, can you plese help me to remove this virus out of my phone.
Asked Nov 18, 2009
ya,my phone have same problem like your phone too...and I want to know,how to repair it... plss help me...
mac Mar 28, 2011
Yeah,i think not....the TOP reason of your phones actin up issss....drum roll please!!!!........YOU HAVE LOW MEMORY THATS FREE!!!!! SO U GOTTA DELETE SUM STUFF MAN!!!!
Answered Nov 22, 2009
it is certainly not a virus but a malfunction.
il y a peu de chance qu'il s'agisse d'un virus mais plutôt d'un dysfonctionnement.
see ''cellphone in malfunction- n81nokia manual- google''.
voir "........................................................................".
Answered Nov 21, 2009
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Answered Nov 25, 2016
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